yesterday, havina posted an awesome article from about looking behind you at all times, and i spent the greater portion of my afternoon reading all the posts. it totally got me psyched up for practice, and ready to finally break this plateau i’ve hit. it emphasized positive thinking, which i’ve sort of forgotten about. i couldnt wait to get to practice to use some of this positive energy i was feeling.

i put my new laces in before practice, theyre orange and really thick. i like them! i thought maybe they’d be too thick but theyre good. mark bought them for me at skateaway cuz mine keep ripping, ive already had to tie them at the toe. good thing those were extra long. hopefully the new ones wont rip for a long time. i think i did tie them too tight though because by the end of the night my toes were going numb. that hasnt happened since i broke these skates in. i guess i never realized when they were finally broken in!

last 2 practices, we did a 2 lap swedish, the kind we used to do where on your second lap the next person goes with you. its been a long time since we did them like that, i forgot how shitty doing two laps can be! its a good challenge though to push myself.

last night we scrimmaged for the whole night! jen tried line ups out again, and we analyzed every jam when it was over. it was crickets so liberty had to call on people to answer what we did good or bad. ick. a few jams in, i finally felt like i’d hit my stride. everything just seemed to click a little bit more. it felt good to not be disappointed in my self again. 🙂 and i did fall a bunch, not even getting hit, just tripping myself, but i tried to get up as fast as i could and not dwell on it. liberty hit me once and i stayed up! i asked rennee if she’s nervous for sunday, and we both agree that big girls targeting us and hitting us is a big fear factor! i hope there is no big girls …. just little ones that i can totally knock over x) haha…