i was hoping we’d do some endurance at practice last night so i could see if i’ve made any progress resulting from my no junk/no sweets diet the past month. we did a drill where we sprinted for 30 seconds, then stopped and did 30 pushups 30 sit ups, sprint, 25 each, sprint, 20 each, etc. wow, that first 30 pushups basically pushed me to my limit and after that it was near impossible to keep cranking them out! my arms felt like jello. i hate push ups! and push ups hate me back. when i was doing them frequently doing the rdwc a few months back, they got a little easier, but the more i do of them, it just exacerbates my shoulder. so i dunno, i’m just like f*ck em. after the drill, liberty said that we’re really only doing a disservice to ourselves if we dont make every pushup or sit up effective. its tough though when you see everyone else done before you.
after that we were all kinda tired out it seemed. our pack speed while scrimmaging was noticibly slower, which is a good thing. the sprinting in that drill didnt bother me at all btw, just the other stuff. i wish it had been one minute sprints.
anyway, we scrimmaged for the rest of practice and i guess i felt sort of drained, and wasnt as agile on the track as i wish i was. i did do a good block at one point though to keep the jammer back. i’m just waiting for the day when it’ll click, and i can just seamlessly cut back and forth to stop the jammer, without effort. pussycat is so good with her a$$! i want to be able to implement mine that well.
i dont really like nights like last night. where libertys asking us what we just did wrong, or well. i feel like i’m stuck in this place of sucking at derby, and i cant move on. hopefully this plateau subsides soon! why can’t i be good!?
one thing of note liberty said last night: the game is played 2 seconds ahead of you… but behind you still. if that makes sense.