over the weekend i went with some radicals to help out at the HARD bout. it was my first double header. it wasnt a full double header, though, because the first was just the second part of williamsports challenge bout from ece. still fun though! i got to learn how to do inside white board, the big one with all the skaters numbers that keeps track of all thier minor and major penalties.
even hard’s b team who bouted williamsport was so good i thought. i watched them warm up in awe. some of those girls get sooo low when they do hello kitties. i want to be able to do that. seeing that bout really inspired me to keep working to get to that skating level. also there was a reggae band that was kind of awesome but kind of annoying haha. and some dudes were playing hacky sack, lol.
a harrisburg girl did get hurt, which sucked. i didnt really see what happened, but i heard her scream out in pain. i think she broke her ankle. the emt’s put a splint on her right away and then we waited for the ambulance to come. wishing her a quick recovery! also, i found out the next day that one of the refs from the game passed away. thats gotta be so hard to deal with as a league 😦 RIP fritz n wesson.
the weekend before last, the day before our bout, i went to williamsports intraleague bout. some of us radicals nso’ed for them since they were coming to help w our bout. liberty, burger, didi and i did error and action tracking. it was kind of confusing, i hope i did an okay job for them to look over it!

the buzzed club tracking action & error