last night at the beginning of practice the board members were having a meeting so i figured they were gonna announce roster. i just kinda realized the bout is in less than 2 weeks! then after that, another week until the next bout! which is away in cortland and a double header. we won’t be playing until about 9pm! crazy. anyway when they did announce roster at the end of the night, rennee made it! i was thinking earlier this week about who would take ellie and cheetah’s spots since theyre in deleware. rennee is really good, she was really good when she started. didi also made roster so it’ll be her first home bout! congrats to them.

i read an article about the green eyed derby monster, and not comparing yourself to others. how it does no good because you are not anyone else, you are you, so theres no use in comparing yourself to someone else. its just amazing, the differences in people. that some girls can pick up on a new sport right away and be bout ready in a few months, and others it takes almost a year. every girl is so different. i guess its like genes, or personalities, or musical tastes or anything really. every girl on the team is a unique individual. weather theyre tall and thin and like death metal and have a sarcastic sense of humor, or if theyre short and stocky with a penchant for puns and acoustic indie rock… these differences can be likened to how quick either one learns a certain skill, or builds endurance. i guess everyones strengths and weaknesses are really want make up our well rounded team of awesome girls. we’re down a few players right now, but i do really love my team đŸ™‚

on another note, when we were stretching in the circle last night, it was sooooo unbearably hot. it felt so stagnant, cuz the air conditioners werent on! you could just see everyone basically melting onto the rink floor. it sucked.

we did a 2 man wall drill, a 4 man wall drill, and then scrimmaged. i jammed trying to get through the 4 man wall. the first time through was easy, but after that it took me forever. jamming is not only physically exhausting, its also mentally exhausting i think. coming up on the pack, trying to see a spot where you can squeeze through, guessing the blockers next move, its very daunting and takes a lot out of you.

liberty handed me the jammer cap when we scrimmaged too, and i was still returning to a normal heartbeat from the last time. i figured i’d give it my best shot, i was up against mj, and she made it right through. i think she lapped me at least twice. it was like running into a brick wall over and over again, i couldnt get through that pack. i’d get halfway through and get knocked down. the sweat i left on the floor made me slip getting up too! ugh.

why cant i just be naturally really good at either – jamming, or blocking?