i’m so glad i found my ref hand signals flashcards last night and went over them before practice. i passed the wftda test! yay 🙂 i’ve been super absent minded lately. i forget to turn the stove off! numerous times, mark gets really mad at me. i’m glad my memory held up for the test though.
so there were only like 10 girls at practice last night. we had a visitor, a skater named sniper from the lowcountry high rollers. we worked with the paper plates under our armpits last night as we’ve done in the past to be aware of no chicken wings. we had so few girls, we did hitting weave with them on the small track. falling is so awkward when you’ve got the plates under ur arms, because you’re so focused on not picking your arms up to lose them, you dont put your hands down to brace your fall or anything. it looks pretty silly. like a t rex going down.
i’m glad we worked on hits. we did them where you meet at the end of a cone V, so you can’t shy away from the hit. i noticed hitting from my left side is much harder, and feels less natural than from my right. then we did the taking a hit blindly thing. i was looking away, and havina hit me real hard and my neck cracked, haha!
we did a little 4 on 1 work where we had to have our arms behind our backs, that felt weird. it was much harder to keep the jammer back if you couldnt actually physically touch your team mates. it was frustrating!
then we just played the ruebels game, and freeze tag for the rest of the night. it was a laid back practice, i guess how they used to be when attendance was down real low. i was looking forward to pushing myself during swedish, and had thought if we scrimmage, i’ll try to jam. oh well, next time!