i carpooled to the league meeting early with renee because we wanted to go over our evaluations beforehand. needless to say, i was nervous. i felt like i was getting a report card, and i’d be yelled at if i didn’t get straight A’s.
tara, jen, burger and liberty sat in a room upstairs and we got called up one by one for private discussion. talk about ominous!
it was basically just a list of skills that you could score either average, needs improvement, or excels. most of mine were average. i think the only thing i got excels in were plough stopping, and hops/jumps. but get this. i got needs improvement in balance and general skating ability!
wow. i’ve been doing this for a year and i still need improvement on my basic skating ability? that was a hit to the ego. apparently i’m still doing that thing where i bend over too far and my front pulls me down. when i go around turns, my front half makes it around the bend before my feet? i dunno. i thought i left that problem behind when my boobs shrank. and that ties into why i get knocked down so easily i guess. also, i need improvement on falling small. i have the instinct to do so, but in the pack i forget about it. i must have been all over the place on sunday when dball was mopping the track with my face :/
they did have good things to say though. like i’ve improved vastly. later, slick told me she was proud of me on sunday, because it was my first time skating with “the big girls.” i didn’t even know! and pussy cat said i had some good blocks. i was so surprised! ali says i’m too hard on myself. its true…
we found out in the meeting that we lost 160 people for attendance this bout. thats a lot! i hope we can get it back up to at least 200 for the next one. mark thinks we’re targeting the wrong demographic. when i look for people to give fliers to, i look for tattooed young hipsters. people like me! he says at that first bout of the season, there were lots of older people who probably were into roller derby in the old days. his co-worker came to both bouts so far and is a die hard fan already! he wants to drive up to cortland to see us! so mark thinks we should be targeting an older demographic. i think lots of people were just on vacation this past weekend, or out in their pools cuz the weather was gorgeous. and also i think the june bout was the first time seeing derby for a lot of them, and they just decided they didn’t like it. personally i think its really hard to get into derby if you’re not already involved in it. mark only comes cuz i make him. he says he finds it incredibly boring. i’m sure i would too if i didnt play! its hard to follow. it still is for me when i’m watching, but its getting less so.
so we only have one practice this week, and then one practice next week as well. next thursday is an open skate for spca that we’re attending as a pr credit. oh and the wftda written test is tomorrow. eep!