we did 3 – 5 pyramids on the big track last night, and liberty told us to focus not on just our speed, but more importantly, keeping our feet moving. so i tried to pace myself and not blow my wad right away. they still sucked, but weren’t as shitty as the last time i did them!
i’m surprised at attendance. we were missing a lot of people last night it felt like. i figured attendance would be highest during bout season? and i thought it was a rule that you couldn’t miss any practice the week (or 2 weeks?) leading up to the bout. i get that people can have circumstances outside their control. attendance has just disappointed me lately.
anyway, we worked on 2 man walls. apparently, we do 3 man walls too frequently, and thats a bad thing. because that one skater can get trapped in the back left to fend for themselves. when it comes to 2 man walls, i wish the track were a little less wide x) i’d been practicing cutting in and out during warm ups a lot, and gotten better at doing them fluidly, but implementing them on the track was another thing. one night during scrimmage though i actually used it though! last night i did not. i think thats why i felt like i’m not very good at helping my team :/ i wish i was an amazing blocker! i doubt my ability, and wonder why they put me on the roster. i guess with practice i will get better, it’s just taking a long time. at least i’ve got the general idea down now. it sucked when i was just starting out and couldnt even get stopping down! getting rostered seemed completely unattainable then.
after working on 2 man walls we did actual scrimmaging for the rest of the night. it looks like our jammers’ main obstacle during this bout will be this skater named d-ball. i’m feeling just a tad pessimistic for this game… it’d be cool to feel confident we’re going to win. but as mark pointed out to me, you don’t have to win to do your best and have fun!