We’ve been doing a hopping/hitting weave lately that can be pretty tiring especially if the lines going fast. Last night burger, liberty, tara and jen seemed to be having a meeting so ellie led us in warm ups and we did that. I’m not sure if she’s playing sunday, I don’t think they called her name for roster. She’s been working in other cities and is moving to deleware for a bit this weekend, but coming back for the bout! I miss having her at every practice, she’s very encouraging and always so enthusiastic. I guess we’ll be skating without her for the end of july bout since she won’t be around.
We also do this oblique exercise now along with our pushups, sit ups, diamonds and planks (and some times hydrants and alternating v ups!). U sit on ur butt, knees bent and lean back so u have to work to stay sitting up. U take ur helmet and twist left and right to tap it on the floor back and forth quickly. We do this for a minute, rest and then another one! If you’re really good, u lift ur skates off the ground. I can’t do that. I kind of wish we didn’t do all these exercises after stretch. That stuff should be homework, so as not to waste precious practice time. I just feel like I haven’t gotten to scrimmage enough lately.
I think we were a little messy last night scrimmaging. We didn’t do pyramids, thank goodness. We did tractor trailers instead šŸ™‚ Jen was giving us line ups to try. I didn’t get called very much :/ I wonder if I will get to play very much sunday?
Liberty says there is a skater from LI who is new to skyland and she hits super hard and often. I’m scared! I can already picture myself getting knocked around, sliding around, a repeat of watertown. Embarrassing! I’m praying that when I get put in she’s not in.
I used to never drag my toe stop. Ever. Some girls, its a bad problem for, but I never saw the allure. Recently though, I’ve noticed that if I do that when I feel like I’m going to fall, I don’t fall. So I do it now :/ We were getting called on it last night and had to do pushups. I was definitely doing it and cursing myself when I realized it. Had to do pushups once. I was telling Ali, I guess I just gotta accept the fact that I’m gonna go down, and go down. Not drag toe stop to stay up. Ellie told big city last night, the recovery is what matters- how fast u get up, not that you fell down.