there is someone i used to be friends with on facebook who constantly updated about hockey. i guess she was a huge flyers fan, er redwings or something. i dunno, i hate sports. it was really annoying and i finally just deleted her. my biggest fear is that i become that person – always talking about derby to people who don’t understand or care about what i’m saying. i hope people don’t think that of me.


anywho, we did the waterfall drill again on thursday and i actually got a little better at it by the end. then we did a tomahawk drill. when going at a moderate or fast pace, my 180s always try to become 360s, i hate that. i practiced doing tomahawk stops turning the other way. it feels really weird. like trying to do a t stop with your non dominant foot. ick. i guess with practice though it will get easier. i’ve just never practiced that.

we had just started scrimmaging, when burger got hit in the nose and she was bleeding and in a lot of pain. i was really scared. i hate when people get hurt! if theyre crying, it makes me feel like crying. we ended practice early. that happened at 1030, and i was driving away by 1045. it felt odd and unfinished, but burgers the person with the key to the rink and she had to go to the hospital. poor burger! she’s fine now though i guess, which is good! i cant wait to scrimmage this week. last 2 practices before the bout!