at the end of practice tonight liberty announced roster, and i made it again 🙂 !! also, kimber and big city. my parents said they’d totally come see me again. i hope they do, that’d make me so happy. its still kind of unbelievable that they got to see me jam in my first home bout. even though i didnt get any points, just for them to see me lined up on that jam line x)
i got kind of sick from an ice cream sundae last week which has turned me off ice cream. its a good thing, as i wanted to cut out sweets. i think the more sweets i eat, the worst my endurance is going to be. i might go skating outside saturday with didi and otter. that will be fun to do before the show. i’m glad the weekend is finally almost here. being unemployed for the summer is extremely boring!
i won’t be going to ECE this weekend, since i dont seem to have that summer job i was counting on. *sigh* hopefully next year i’ll have the dough! maybe i’ll even register to be in a challenge bout next year? that’d be so intimidating. i hope i just keep getting better and better!
we did 3-5 pyramids on the little track tonight. bleh. i dont like them on there, too much cluster. as much as the big track tires me out, at least i can get up speed and not get stuck behind people.
we scrimmaged but only did positional blocking. i really want to work on hitting! it was frustrating, i dont think i did very well in scrimmaging tonight :/ i cant believe the bout is only 2 weeks away!