last night it felt like we were warming up skating around for forever. liberty, burger, tara, and jen were getting some papers ready. at first i thought maybe they were going to announce roster, but soon i realized they were evaluating everyone. we did a bunch of skills and stuff.
usually i dont work out on practice days because im always afraid i’ll be sore later and not be able to give it my all at practice. so yesterday i just did a short jenny mccarthy workout on my wii. but for some reason the plie’s made my legs so sore! my left thigh was like jello afterwards. so when we did right knee falls at practice i had a really hard time getting up fast. i’m sure it looked pretty pathetic. knowing we were being graded kinda sucked :/
after doing a pack 20, liberty introduced this bald guy who had been watching us. i dont like when people are there watching us practice and i’m all like who the hell is this? i dunno, it feels like theyre creepin. anyway this guy was the sargeant dude who liberty got to help us with training. he seems cool. i’m not sure where we will be doing said training, i think we hafto go up to tobyhana. it should be fun though if we all carpool. its awesome he wants to work with us!
after that we scrimmaged a little bit and that was it! ive been trying to just work on my blocking and not try jamming lately. i guess tuesday we will get our results on evaluations. thurs is a 3 hr practice! yay 🙂 some guy merv the perv who used to coach HARD and dutchland is coming thursday. should be fun!