thursday was my one year anniversary from joining the team! πŸ™‚ did i think i’d last a year when i first started? no, not really! i’ve never stuck with anything this long. i think now its safe to say i’m in derby for the long haul πŸ™‚

tuesday we practiced 2 man walls and getting around them. that was a fun drill. liberty was my partner and we made good walls i think πŸ™‚ and we did more of the stay with the pivot drill. miz defy did her squat hold on her toe stops! i never thought of that. she got kicked off the team for badmouthing it on facebook i guess. thats a shame, i know she really wanted to skate in a bout. i’m glad the board is committed to keeping the league drama free and positive though. i hope i dont inadvertently do anything to get myself kicked off though!

thursday we did grapevines on our toe stops up and down the length of the rink. i was not one of the faster girls. doing that for so long hurts my toes cuz theyre all squished up in the front of my boot. after that my left toe stop was loose, but its been pretty good lately staying tight. i can never tighten the bolt thingy, i always have to have mark do it for me before practice. we practiced toe stop runs, duckwalks and tomahawks.

when we scrimmaged we just did positional blocking. i feel like i need to work on hitting though.

i think i’ve decided to go to ECE next sunday after all. i wasnt going to because im gonna be broke this summer since schools out, but i think i’m getting 5 days a week at my overnight job which would be awesome for my bank account. and ali really wants me to go with her to ece, so we’re gonna drive together. i’m excited! i hope i can get us there safe. i’m not one for driving places i dont know, but we’ll have her gps.

today i went skating on the dike with burger and kimber. kimber had posted on the fb page asking where a good place to skate outdoors is. i just read 2 articles about how outdoor skating is really good for derby athletes. i was too afraid to go by myself so i asked if i could tag along. then i thought i might sleep overΒ  my parents last night if i went to knobels with my nieces while they were still in visiting, but i didnt. so i met up at skateaway with them at 10am and we went to kirby park.

it wasnt as scary as i thought it would be. we wore all our gear minus helmet. they both had outdoor wheels but i just had my old ones that came on my old skates. theyre so hard and bald. going down the hills under the bridges was def scary, but not too bad. we just plough stopped the whole way and i didnt gain too much speed and lose control so thats good! going back up the hills was really hard after a while cuz i got so tired and i felt like i couldnt push my way up.

when we sprinted, i was the slowest 😦 it made me feel like shit too. the thought “i’m never going to be as good as them, i should just quit derby” crossed my mind once i’ll admit. i know its so ridiculous but at the time when i’m in that moment, i just feel like such a failure! i hate feeling like the worst. i dont know what it is about sprinting outdoors, i’d do like 5-10 strides and then my legs would be so tired i could hardly keep pushing myself. by the end i wasnt even sprinting. ugh, it sucked.

i definitely want to skate outside more. when we were done on the dike we tried skating in the tennis courts – the surface is awesome! its smooth and concrete. i hope we can have outdoor practices there. if its empty and people arent using it i guess i can just go alone whenever i want to get in more skating! thats so awesome, i’ve always wished i had my own personal rink to work on skating endurance.

it was so hot out, too, and we carried our water bottles. i need to get a flask shaped water bottle again like i used to find for running, to keep in my sports bra. holding onto a bottle was a pain. i’m proud of myself for doing that today, going out of my comfort zone. i guess it was a good stepping off point to improve!