the video from the watertown bout was put up for us to watch, so i watched that the other day when i got home from work. this one was from the point of view of the pack ref, and did kind of make me woozy. i noticed that i fell every time i hit another girl! and i fell a lot in general. that damn 4u kept just bumping me and i’d topple.
thursday night at practice, we did the black widow drill, which is that one where we sprint for a minute then one minute of a skill, sprint, skill, etc. we do 10 mins each direction. it sucked! steph complimented me though, so i think i did alright. i tried to keep pushing it through the whole thing. its hard, but a good drill to do i think!
then we did a new game where everyone packs up and tries to stay in line with the pivot, not go in front of her, but also not be the last skater in the back. if youre the last in the back you have to go hold derby stance by the wall till the drill is over. i did not want to do that! so i kept up next the pivot pretty well i think. then we scrimmaged, and i jammed right off the bat. against burger no less! but i got lead jammer! i wonder if she was taking it easy on me. i was really proud of myself for getting lead jammer, but after that it was all downhill. i got so tired. shannon kept hitting me down or out! i knew what i needed to do, i needed to keep my legs moving and just dart around the blockers, but it was so hard to actually do it! my head was telling me and i could picture it, but my body wouldnt listen. i hafto get my endurance up if i wanna jam. i was so glad when it was over. the next jam, mj fell really hard on her hip and stayed down. it was scary cuz zipper was touching her leg and asking her if she felt it and mj didnt say anything! her right leg was all numb she said. i was afraid she was really going to have to go to the hospital.
after she was finally able to get up we did a game of freeze tag and called it a night. i cant imagine mj getting hurt and put out of commission! it feels like we’re losing girls left and right! :/