so one of the refs, ludachris speed, had a helmet cam on at the bout on sunday and the footage was just posted to the team page. at the meeting on tuesday, jen was reading the stats and said she wasnt sure if burger and i got 4 pts between us for that one jam, or if it was all burger. that excited me! i may have actually gotten a point for my team? wow!
so i just watched the whole video in its entirety and came to the following conclusions.
a.) watching a bout from the jam refs pov is fascinating, plus it did not make me sick or dizzy. 🙂
b.) i definitely hesitate too much when going to hit someone, but i already knew that. :/
c.) as i texted mark, waiting for my jam to come up was making me nervous all over again! when i finally saw it, i flashed back to all the feelings i had on the track that night. exhilarating, nerve wracking, exhausting, impossible, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing that i had to give up and pass the star. 😦
but hey it was my first try. as i watched that, i willed myself to go faster, to stay stable as jdb girls came in for a hit, to just push it out a little further! now i know what i do wrong when jamming, and just skating in a bout in general. and i will try to work on those things starting tonights practice. ❤