i was so psyched for practice today 🙂 i cant believe the bouts so close! i’m so excited. i feel like i dont care if we win or lose, i’m just gonna do what my wife told me – just do my best and have fun. i’m sure during the game though i’ll care what the score is though, like last time!
tonight was our last practice before the bout obviously. i guess on my drive up there i felt a little apprehensive. but i did my visualization. i visualized myself doing either a dolly rocket or hello kitty in the pack to block the opposing jammer. i can never remember which one is which. i can only do the one where you dont pick ur front wheels up off the floor. ive been practicing it when i warm up lately. i never remember to actually do it when scrimmaging :/ but tonight i did! it seems like such a small little thing, but i feel like its an accomplishment. 😀
we did hitting weave on the inside track again. tuesday and tonight i bumped helmets while trying to do that. dang it! then we did a 3 person swedish which made me feel like puking kind of, and then 2-4 partner pyramids on the big track. i dunno what was wrong with me tonight, but i was not in the zone. i got so out of breath so fast, and it was soo hard to push myself to just keep going! ugh. i was pretty dissapointed in myself. luckily once we started scrimmaging after that, i forgot about it.
jen had lineups on her clip board we were doing. after stretches, liberty announced that masumi’s back is in too bad of shape so she couldnt be in the bout. that sucks! she hasnt been at practice, and when she has she doesnt skate. i thought she was sick maybe. talk about a bummer. but what surprised me is that we cant use an alternate skater, so we’re just skating short! crajy. i wondered if that would mean i’d get put in more than i expected?
at first i was kind of sad that i wasnt put in a lot, but we scrimmaged for a longg time, and i went in a good amount. and i was always b1. i like to think its because i’m good at it, and not because i suck at the other positions.
i definitely had one jam where i skated off the track feeling like i failed and was just another body out there. but i tried my visualizing, and after that i think i did pretty well? to my dismay, we werent doing the b1-pivot-b3 defense b2-offense thing. but i still managed to wall up as if we were. kimber shouted out “black wall of china!” at the end when me and 2 other blacks kept holding her back when she was jamming for white. i thought that was funny, and it made me feel like i was doing my job. i also heard a few “good job sharky”s 🙂
i am confident that i will hold back jerzey’s jammers on sunday and do my team proud. who would have thought when i started derby a little less than a year ago that i could have made it here?! i remember thinking it would take me 2 years to be bout ready. seriously.
i’m so grateful for everything roller derby and my team has done for me ❤ its official: I LOVE ROLLER DERBY!