on my way to practice last night i went over the things i wanted to work on and tried a little visualization. i made the drive all by my lonesome because ali’s still on honeymoon, and rachel was thoughtful enough to tell me shes sick. last thing i want is to get sick the week before my first home bout! im not used to driving to practice alone anymore though. i was trying to visualize myself on the track, being a real help to my team and not letting that jammer get past me.
the first thing we did was vets on the small track to do hitting weave and the backwards hand holding weave. i still suck with my timing at hitting weave. agh! i guess its just something that will come with more practice. i feel like a tard when i miss my target though, especially in a controlled environment like a pace line.
after that was a quick swedish and then something new. pyramids on the big track with partner, except it was tractor trailer style. and the person being pushed had to hold thier ankles the whole time. do you know how tired your thighs get holding your ankles for 2 and 3 laps around a rink? VERY! the pushing part wasnt really hard, it was the staying down holding those damn ankles! when we were done my leg felt totes cramped. apparently we’re going to work our way up to doing those pyramids up to 6. yikes! that fact that other teams do that many or more makes me wonder, do we really suck that bad? :/ i wish i could go to every other derby teams practice in the tri state area and be a fly on the wall, just to see how we stack up.
i think the visualization worked. that sounds so hippie and new age or whatever, but i was satisfied with my performance! they did rostered vs unrostered and gave us some tentative line ups. i was afraid i wouldnt be in any of them cuz i’m not getting put out really sunday, but i was in a few so i was happy.
liberty told us a new strategy. pivot, b1 and b3 work together as defense, and only b2 work on offense. honestly up until last night i never knew what those terms meant. they were just something i’d hear when daddy had a football game on or something. sport talk mumbo jumbo if you will. but i guess defense means keeping the other jammer back, and offense means helping your own jammer through. 😀 look at me, i’m learning. haha.
after a while we switched up the teams, and after scrimmaging we played a game. its been a while since we played freeze tag! it was fun. i’m better at it than i was when we used to play it! when burger and liberty were it though they tagged mostly everyone.
during scrimmages liberty was stressing the importance of not hitting unless it really had a purpose. slick mentioned quality over quantity. i will admit, i really want my family and freinds that are coming to the bout sunday to see me give at least one nice hit. but only because if i don’t, i feel like they wont really have anything to say to me afterwards. like ohh mom, did ya see me out there, howd i do? i can imagine her saying we saw u hit that girl!! but “you effectively sat on that jammer and didnt let her through”? not so much. plus hitting someone who’s not on your team is fun! so much better than hitting your own team mates. but i will try to adapt to what the situation calls for on sunday, and use my positional blocking skills to best help my team. but if and when i do go for a hit on an opponent, i pray my timing is right and i dont end up looking like a dummy!