tonight diva came to practice to ref for us. i think the last time i saw her at one of our practices was my first night! almost a year ago. i cant believe ive been with the team almost a year. anyway, so she warmed up with us which was just a regular weave, swedish and 3 minutes of hell both ways. when she did the weave i was thinking, wow did she just come here to make us feel bad about ourselves? i guess i suprised myself with my weave too though, its been a while since we did just normal weave, and i went through much quicker than in the past i think.
other than that, tonight was a “meh” night. after stretches we did straight scrimmage all night, girls who’ve skated with the team for less than a year versus over a year. soon i will be in the latter group, crazy…
i guess i did alright, i played b1, b2 and pivot all night. i think b3 once. mj handed me the pivot cap and said here youre good at this. i dunno what shes smokin, because i feel like i’m the worst pivot ever! the pivots job is to stay at the front of the pack and set the pace, right? i dont think ive ever stayed up at the front the whole time.
the black team kept going so fast and walling up in the front and i felt like i was jamming, just trying to catch up with them to get in front of them and slow them down! i dont understand how i can have improving stamina in running, but it doesnt spill over to skating. two totally dif types of endurance i guess.
next time i need to work on not being afraid to get up there and break up a wall. like jen said, the worst that can happen is i get knocked down and i get up and try again!