they announced roster tonight, and i made it!! liberty said they were announcing it on may 27th (my birthday!), then she said they were doing it on tuesday, and tonight at the the end of practice she ended up announcing it during cool down stretches. it started off with girls who always make it, and as she went on i thought “aw dang, i’m not making the cut this time, oh well, hopefully in july…” and then she said sharklegs last!! woo hoo šŸ™‚ i had a huge smile on my face šŸ™‚

i cant wait to call mum tomoro and tell her! and my brother and nieces will be in town to see me skate too. i mean i dont know how much i’ll get put in, but im happy i made the cut. i mean this was my goal, you know? i wanted to get good enough to skate in our first home bout of this season. i didnt really think i’d do it… but i did! i’m so proud of myself. i feel like this is my dream, and its coming true. wow this entry just got really lame. so i’ll stop talking about it and just bask in the glory of it all šŸ™‚ ….

here's a pic of me pulling a tractor trailer