saturday i went with burger, liberty and masumi to watch them skate with the black river rollers against a team in oswego ny. i had originally put my name in a hat to be one of the 3 skaters brr were borrowing, but didnt win. that would have been cool. but yeah, i thought more girls would go but it was just me there to cheer them on.
i was thinking of not going because a. i hate long trips, b. i couldnt really afford to give gas money, and c. i was afraid there would be a lot of smoking in the car.
the drive wasnt that bad i guess since ive already basically done it, except watertown was even a little further. i must say, i am getting better at road trips! practice makes perfect, it really does. and there was minimal smoke, so that was good. we stopped at BK on the way, and they messed up my sundae shake so i got the vanilla one for free on top of the chocolate one! god i love ice cream too much. my old friend davey b posted on facebook recently, “a milkshake a day keeps the doctor away.” well i dont know about that, but its basically what ive been doing and it definitely makes your jeans tighter! i just crave ice cream like crazy lately.
anyway, when we got to the venue which was an ice hockey rink i guess, there was some trouble figuring out my comp ticket but luckily i still got in for free. i tried to win a raffle for a lottery ticket tree but i didnt 😦 i hate raffles, i never win!
i wasnt allowed to stay in the locker room with my radicals so i wandered around alittle and found the rink. i didnt have a blue ribbon so i couldnt sit trackside, a woman dressed as a character from the wizard of oz told me. general admission was behind the plexiglass! ive never been to a hockey game or anything and i did not like being behind glass lol. there were a lot of people dressed up there. every character from the wizard of oz, and then a woman as someone from the dukes of hazard, and on top of that there were people in a dog and cat mascot suits for the humane society.
i picked a spot on the metal bleacher i thought would be easiest to see the action, i wished i could be on the side by the jammer line. i waited, and the place eventually filled up. 3 dudes were sitting behind me and i helped the one explain derby to another. when brr skated out to warm up i wished i was skating! i kept an eye out for mommy liberty but when she came a few minutes after 6, she hugged me but didnt sit with me. so i was all alone :/ oh well.
i was kind of excited for the national anthem, because even though im not very patriotic, it gets me all excited before a bout. not the song but after the song is over and everyone claps and they say now lets play some derby! haha, anyway they did the canadian anthem first. i was so confused, i had to think wait, where are we? are we in canada? i dunno why they did that.
the first time burger got put in to jam she got sent to the box right away. i was like wow that sucks, if that were me i’d be beating myself up on the inside! but after that of course she got back on track and racked up the points as usual. she did get called on a lot of stuff i noticed. most of which seemed like bullshit. like one time she jumped the inside line and totally didnt track cut, but they said she did. also she ended up in a pile up and got penalized for tripping but i dont think she was the one who tripped anyone. other than that, it seemed like a normal game to me, aside from unfair reffing. definitely more aggressive than the bout i saw last weekend! more big hits 🙂 but then towards the end when i saw one girl actually shove another and she didnt get penalized, i thought holy shit! whats going on here? brr lost by 2 points in the end. it was exciting.
it was a double header but we left as soon as they changed. i didnt mind, it meant we didnt have to stay for the after party. i would definitely like to see a double header someday though!
in the car leaving, liberty informed me that they found out at the end of the game that it wasnt by wftda rules, it was old school derby rules! so thats why the shoving was alright. thats so wierd. i dunno why brr wouldnt have told them? i guess i would have been mad too, if i was trying to play clean the whole game only to find out that i could have gotten away with other shit. not that i really know anything about the old school rules. i’ll have to look that up.
liberty was talking about making up roster soon with tara and the coaching committee, and how hard its going to be, but certain people just wont make roster because of thier attendance and not doing the pr events. i’m glad to hear that they wont be bending rules, its only fair. i feel that even if you’re really good at derby you shouldnt just be put in a game to make sure we win regardless of attendance. being on this team is a big commitment, not to be taken lightly! anyway, i hope i get rostered. i found out my brother and my nieces will be in from tennessee visiting at the time of the bout! itd be so cool if i was in it and they came with my parents to see me. that would rule so much. i wish my parents had an interest in checking out what i do even if i’m not in it… i have a feeling that if it was closer to them and happened during the daytime that still might not even sway them to going to a bout just to see what i’m talking about :/ i envy girls who have supportive parents that way.