after mallory broke her ankle were supposed to do this drill where we had to look away or put a bandana over our face and take a hit out of the blue. ive been taking my bandana, but i guess liberty changed her mind about that drill. i really thought after mal hurt herself that we’d have a practice focused on the right way to fall so you dont get hurt. not that we dont know already, but maybe for the newer girls, and just a refresher. oh well.

last thursday was tryouts for new girls. i posted on facebook about it, and i told this girl chelsea to come who ive gone skating with donald before. her boyfriend added me on fb right away after i commented to her and he was like, make her do it!!! apparently he really wants her to do derby. she didnt come though. there werent that many girls who came to try out. i thought basically anyone who showed up could be on the team, but they timed them on laps and i guess turned some of them down. that would make me feel so bad about myself! i’d never come back. they probly told them ya know, not now, but keep going to open skates and try out again when youre better on skates. i’m glad i didnt have to “try out.”!

i’m not sure how many new girls we got out of it, i can think of brandi who i partnered up with last night for a paired weaving drill, and betty’s wife krissy but thats it. its hard to keep track of new girls now! i wonder why when i joined, no one was joining roller derby? i guess its really just gaining popularity as a sport. thats awesome! i hope lots of people come to our first home bout of the season. and the others to of course. but its been so long since we had a home bout i hope people didnt forget about us.