saturday i wanted to go to the williamsport intraleague bout, but i knew i couldnt afford the gas alone so i was trying to get girls to carpool with me. it ended up being me, ali and sarah. i didnt even think of asking her until saturday but i’m glad i did, she really wanted to go! its such a long drive and in the past when i drove out to williamsport i thought, never again! too far. but the time went by quick with them in the car, it was fun 🙂

the game wasnt very action packed. there werent very many big hits i guess. it was very close for the whole game though! like 1 or 2 points close the whole time. the guillatinas won in the end by one point. i talked to yogi who was doing the score board afterwards about the website hes hosting for the team. last time, svdv had cool games at half time, but not this time. that was dissapointing, but they had a band play again. oh and lots of yummy goodies at a bake sale at thier merch table. i wanted to buy a teeshirt, i like thier logo but i couldnt afford $15.

i thought a bake sale would be a good way to make some money for the team at our bout next month, but tara said skateaway doesnt allow it. that sucks! i had mum all ready to donate a bunch of cookies and shit. i’m sure they would have been a hit. oh well.

i ordered letter beads online to spell out RADICALS for bracelets to make to sell. i hope they come soon! if i bought bags of letter beads at the store, id have tons of letters i wouldnt need and not enough vowels i’m sure, so i ordered straight letter packs. tara got silver plated rollerskate charms from etsy so i put a bunch on chains and these cords called silkies. oh and i also got star shaped wooden plaques to paint purple and green with MVP wooden letters for the bout. special projects, thats me! =) if i’m not in the bout, id like to actually be at the merch table to show off my wares!