one of our PR events was a charity walk and run at nay aug park on sunday. another one was last thursday but i couldnt make that one, so i signed up for moonlight in may and march of dimes in 2 weeks. i really wanted to try running in the 5k, but it cost $20 to sign up. and mj said we’d be volunteering. we got there at 330, peg drove me thankfully. we basically stood around for 2 hours, our job was to stand in pairs on dif street corners to direct the runners where to go. my partner was big city, and a lady on a bike came by while we were waiting and told us when to expect everyone, and to direct traffic! i didnt know that was part of the deal. the roads werent even closed off! it all seemed very disorganized and i was glad i wasnt in the walk or run, i probably would have gotten hit by a car! i was so afraid someone would and itd be on my shoulders. i dont think they ever announced us, and it was too cold to wear just our jerseys without a hoody over it, so we didnt really get any promotional value out of the experience. oh well, one event down, one to go. to be eligible for the june 5th roster you have to do 2 of the 3 events. ive been watching everyones attendance and there are quite a few people who dont have perfect attendance, i wonder if that knocks them out of the running?