tonight at practice we did 3-5 pyramids on the little track. man was i out of breath! when i lined up at the front on the inside though i noticed i stayed towards the front of the group. being on the outside, its so hard to stay in bounds! i’m always inching over the line around turns.

i’m doing a challenge by the roller derby workout people, 20 burpees a day until memorial day. i missed the first day, shh. this morning i did them after getting out of bed. theyre so much harder than i remember. i havent done them since probly the week after the challenge ended. i havent been working out enough lately. mark joined the gym with me. RIGHT when i decide to finally cancel my membership cuz ali told me i could have her treadmill for free! so far marks only gone to the gym w me once. hopefully i can drag him tomoro.

tonight i got a small blister on the inside of my right foot, but not where i used to get them. more towards the ankle from my boot rubbing.

so heres the good news from practice tonight – i got put in to jam once when we were scrimmaging. i was nervous of course. i took off, but when i came up on the pack of course i panicked. its so intimidating! i couldnt get through, and i slowed down and stated that i was so scared, i was gonna have a heart attack! i felt so overwhelmed and on the verge of tears, it was so scary to me! my heart was pounding. ellie told me to breathe, and tara told me to fall back. so i did, and then guess what? i got through! then i got through again! i felt like a rockstar 🙂 i was proud of myself. its just so intimidating jamming! oh and i was hellaaaaa out of breath.

other than that, i dont think i was doing too well blocking during scrimmaging. and at one point i hit a wall and my head just wasnt in the game anymore. stupid ADD! but yeah, i thought to myself based on skill, i dont deserve to make roster. im just not good enough yet :/ but as for attendance and all that i think im good for it. we’ll see … i def need to get my endurance back up.