i got a new phone that ive been totally addicted to so thats my explanation for lack of updates. well the big news is that mallory broke her ankle. the days blur together from last week because i was working my overnight job as well, but i think that was on tuesday. no, thursday. we were huddled around liberty while she explained what we were doing next, a drill to help us get used to taking hits when we werent expecting them, and we were heading down the the end of the rink. mallory just lost her balance turning around i think, and fell hard on her butt but her foot broke her fall. she yelled out, and within the next few minutes she was crying in pain 😦 she said she felt a pop, and when she tried to move it she felt another pop. it was so scary and upsetting because this time the injured was crying! it made me feel like crying too. when ali got hurt, she didnt cry so it didnt feel so serious. ricky kept saying things about the bone sticking out while we were waiting for the ambulance too, jerk. i think he was upsetting mallory even though he was joking. he was upsetting me!

we found out later that she had indeed broken it in 2 spots i think she said. its a minor break though, so no surgery needed like ali, phew! shes in an aircast and on crutches. i wonder when she’ll be back? ali can drive herself now. her weddings coming up quick!