usually we have a league meeting instead of practice after a bout, but tuesday this guy big daddy who used to coach the old wb team was supposed to be there to observe practice. he didnt show though! poor kimber wolf was still hurting from the bout, as were beck and ellie they said. i didnt really get hurt, i had no new bruises that i could see. my arms were a little sore for like 2 days from shoulder hits i guess but thats it.
anyway, ali came with jen tuesday to watch practice. its so good to see ali and know shes okay. it was jens first practice back since she just dissapeared a few weeks ago. kind of awkward. i wasnt sure if she was coming back with her same position which was vice president and doer of all things important prettymuch. the way things seemed so disorganized for the bout, i kind of thought it wouldnt get pulled together and actually get canceled. that probably contributed to me being in denial about it happening and not getting nervous beforehand!
anyway, ali said i’m getting really fast with my swedish 🙂 did some 2 on one wall making drills, and every time i was jammer, ricky or will called me on back blocking, cuz i would ram into the person in front of me. it was frustrating, because i didnt understand why it was backblocking if i wasnt putting my arms or hands on thier back. plus, if it didnt make them move at all i thought it wouldnt count? liberty said i probably wouldnt get called on it in a game. i was frustrated though.
then we scrimmaged a little, with rostered against non rostered. liberty wanted us to show everyone who wasnt at the bout how we came together. i felt totally discombobulated again though back at practice. why is it so much easier to give it all youve got if youre playing against strangers? i dont think we really showed the other girls what we had :/ and then it was over!