omg skating in my first bout was so much fun!! it was just amazing πŸ™‚

we set out on our journey around 9:30 to go get a tire for my car, and were on the road around 10. getting mark out of bed was the hardest part of the morning! the ride wasnt as bad as i thought it’d be. there was rain and crazy winds though on the highway! we stopped in a place near watertown called sandy creek so mark could pick up some pa equipment he bought online, and when he was inside the guys house i thought there might be a tornado it was so windy! i thought, please god dont let me get blown away before my first bout!

i was so bored in the car, mostly i went online on my phone, played ds, or ate snacks to pass the time. finally we were in watertown and met up with the pegs van gang checking in at the econo lodge. i couldnt check into my room until rachel came so i got changed into my boutfit in peg and mal’s room, then we joined steph, ginger, sarah and slick to do our makeup. everyone was putting on purples and greens for eyeshadow and liner, but i just wanted warpaint on my cheeks. i’m afraid if i did eye makeup it’d bleed intoΒ  my eyes when i got sweaty! rachel and harry showed up so mark and i could settle in our room. we were kind of just playing around waiting for when we had to go when tara called liberty and said we had to be ready for our warm ups in 15 minutes! we all rushed to get there, and get geared up. thats when i started feeling all rushy rushy and kind of anxious.

we were informed that the girls were big, but liberty said dont let that scare you! the doors were locked as we watched them warm up/dance on the track, i felt like we were spying on them haha. there were bananas, water, bubbles and candy in our locker room from thier team! how sweet. i got geared up as fast as i could, ellie was telling us to go get used to the floor, try plough stops etc, cuz its really slippery. omg was it. if you got up any speed at all you slid out around the corners, it sucked!! i felt the total opposite of confident skating on that floor – i felt like the night was gonna be a bust at least for me, that i’d have no control over anything i did on that floor. and my wheels are sticky!

we started warm ups as the rest of our team showed up. we did weave, hopping weave, swedish, some pack work, leg burners, cutting to the inside and out and hopping when liberty told us. i was feeling kind of anxious, and my back was killing me staying in derby stance. probably from sitting in the car all day long!! next thing i knew it was time for team meeting in the locker room, which smelled like popcorn and crayons :/ luckily i got a chance to pee, but i’d thought i would have time to eat a little something more when we got to the hotel but i never did, so i took a few bites of banana before the bout. one of the things mentioned in the peptalk was because of the floor, a slow pack was essential.

we did our stretches, counting out loud really forcefully as to intimidate the other team. the floor was cold dirty and gross. i told sarah that i felt like it was a scrimmage and i wasnt going to be put in a lot, like it didnt feel real and she agreed. but liberty told us the first lineup – and i was b1! i was so psyched to be in the first lineup! that must mean i’m good! πŸ™‚ then it was time for introductions. we skated in a pack and when they called our name we did a slow swedish as to not fall showing off since the floor was so slippery. i kept waiting for my name to be called, but when there was about 3 of us left, the announcers mic and the music cut out! and stayed out! liberty eventually used her big voice to call out and announce us, but it wasnt the same :/ i was disappointed that my first introduction to a crowd wasnt on a mic. then the other team did their intros and the sound was working again but cut out again. it was so awkward lol. i thought, its gonna be one of those nights huh? when everything goes wrong? how would the crowd know what was going on or enjoy it at all if there was no announcing!? but they got the glitches worked out i guess and things were back to normal to start the bout off, after a guy with a pretty good voice did the national anthem.

i was psyched as i skated out onto the track for the first jam. watertown had a really big girl on the jammer line, and we had kimber wolf. well kimber made lead jammer, and this big girl knocked me down right away, but was really slow, not even trying to get through the pack. she kept knocking me down very easily! i’m not gonna lie, i was scared! but pissed as well. the next time i went in, she did the same thing, she hardly had to touch me to knock me over. i thought oh god i hope shes not in every time i’m in tonight! at one point i was on the inside line, having just gotten back up there from her knocking me down, and she was still by me… and she just touched me and i went down. i was like fuck! come on!

but yeah, i kept getting put in, and every time liberty said shark – b1, or shark b2, it was music to my ears =) ! i felt like a real member of the team, an asset, important! i finally felt like a real rollergirl! i picked out this little blonde girl on watertown who i figured i could fuck with, and hit her, since i knew i couldnt do any damage to the big girl, whose name is mea slapaho. in one of my first times out, i actually did a successful hip check! and i’d just been telling betty and ginger how i always forget they even exist cuz i dont do them cuz i cant! and then i got out there and realized hey – i just did a hipcheck on that girl and didnt fall down! so that was cool.

when i got put in as b1, i was real confident at first cuz i know i can hold that line, but after i’d been knocked down a lot i became worried just lining up there. cuz thered be big girls (well not big, but medium sized) lined up by me and i knew they were going to try and hit me out of bounds as soon as the whistle blew. sometimes they did, sometimes they didnt. but one of my favorite things to do was like when the opposing jammer would be coming up on the outside, and she’d get past my girls over there and probably think she was home free.. but id be in the front as b1, alone, and see her start getting past and i’d run over and hit her real hard out of bounds! it felt really awesome to catch her off guard! πŸ™‚

every time i fell though, i felt pretty stupid. i didnt know how high my skirt was riding up or how my ass looked to everyone as it was on display lol… but id get up as fast as i could and catch up with the pack. before i knew it, the first half was over and we went back to the locker room. i think i had like a bite or 2 of banana before passing it off to masumi. ellie led a peptalk and conversation on what we were doing well and what we needed to try harder at. we didnt have much time in the locker room, we were about to wrap up and go skate around a bit when they said second period was starting!

i think i went in a little less during second half. i thought, wow i cant believe how short this feels, i wish we had an hour left to keep playing! when liberty handed me the pivot cap, i was really surprised and like oh shit.. i guess i did alright as pivot though, better than at practice how i sometimes cant catch up to the front of the pack at all. as “last line of defense” though i wasnt that great. when i was b3 once or twice at one point i realized i was forgetting to yell out where the jammer was :/

after my first time pivoting i thought thatd be the end of that – but liberty kept putting me in as pivot! i thought oh god i hope theres no star pass while i’m pivot, i have no idea how to do that! there wasnt. but at the end of one jam as i was taking off my pivot cap, a ref said purple 45- hands, major! i was kind of shocked, i didnt remember doing anything w my hands, and i didnt know what to do. going to the penalty box had been one of my biggest concerns since ive never done it before! sarah and i had actually practiced skating to it and sliding in to see how slippery the floor was cuz u cant go past the one line!

i was trying to hand liberty or burger my cap and ask them what to do but they werent paying attention. i wasnt sure if i should wait for the next jam to start to go to the box or just go! so after a few seconds of hesitation, i just said i’m in the box!, set down the pivot cap and took off around the track to the penalty box. mal had already gone in and crashed into the chairs, and yes i did too. it wasnt as bad as when mal did it, the chairs didnt go totally flying lol. so i didnt feel too bad or embarassed about it! i kind of relaxed once i was in the chair, knowing i did the right thing and didnt make a mistake, and then it hit me – did i hafto go back onto the track when my time was up? i counted my team mates on the track a few times to be sure. yes there was only 4, thats right theyre skating short until i get out of the box. the penalty timer told me 10 seconds, and i stood up getting ready to take off. it felt like it took me a while to catch up with the pack coming back in and i felt like everyone was staring at me :/ but i’d done it! served my first penalty.

after that jam, the refs called a time out to tell liberty that they had given me the other teams player 45 penalty! hah! so they took it off, but i guess thats all they do. they couldnt go back and let us not skate short so that was that. i was like yeah i didnt think i used my hands to block!

by this time, i was starting to feel a little tired actually, when getting up from falls. i think i was falling more, and i just felt like i didnt have it in me to help my jammer 100% or go for a hit, etc. luckily the game was almost over. it was the last lineup, i wasnt in, and ellie was in as jammer. kimber was exhausted and hurt. the score was really close with us behind, and i was hoping against hope that we’d pull ahead and win! i didnt think i would care that much about winning or losing, but since it was such a close game the whole time i DID care! i wanted to beat those girls! liberty and burger told ellie to get lead and call it off, and she did just that! it was amazing! we all jumped up and down and screamed, and hugged eachother! it was just indescribable. exhilarating. i felt so victorious! we did our lap around slapping the other teams hands. i felt so happy.

mark came over and i hugged him, and he told me how good i did and he was so proud of me πŸ™‚ i felt so proud of myself at that moment, that he was really impressed with my skating! i was all smiles. everyone was hugging, and sweaty and gross and thier eye makeup was all running down thier faces, it was so joyous. mark told me he was so cold he was shaking in his chair. i didnt even realize it was freezing in there, i was sweaty! then it was time for the mvp announcement. i thought how cool it would be if i got mvp. wishful thinking of course. ellie got it. she deserved it the way she prepared all of us for our first bout! some kids were getting autographs from some of the girls x) again, i felt like a “real” rollergirl. even tho none of them asked for mine. but i had just skated in a real bout!! burger came over and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek telling me how proud she was of me and she knew i could do it πŸ™‚

then we went to the locker room, tara joined us even though she was ref, and we geared down. liberty was saying how proud of us she was, and so was ellie. she said everyone really held their own and she was so impressed. she said this was sharklegs first bout, and i dont think i saw an inch of nerves from her – and i said I DONT THINK I HAVE THE NERVOUSNESS GENE! πŸ™‚ lol. i kept waiting for it to come, and it never really did. that rules. ellie mentioned how i almost quit, and i just did amazing in a bout. i was like i know right? i said you guys believed in me when i didnt think i could ever be in a bout! i felt like crying out of happiness πŸ™‚

mark and i went to the hotel so i could shower before going to the afterparty. i called my wifey and told her about our win, and then called my mom. then we headed over to joes tavern which was kind of a dive. not a restaurant bar which is what i wanted because i was STARVING! they did have free pizza for the skaters and fans but it looked wierd and tasted nasttttty. i could only take one bite. we stood around for a little bit before leaving to find some real food. everyone was doing shots and stuff, just not my scene. had there been dancing though, yes i would have stayed!

we searched for diners and finally found a ruby tuesday and i got the fresco chicken i like of thiers. we went back to the hotel and everyone got there shortly, talking and laughing really loudly in the hallway. liberty was so funny, she seemed really mellow drunk and kept telling me how proud of me she was. i hung out in thier room for a little bit, then was talking with rachel and burger in the hall and a woman came out of her room yelling at us to take it to our room. the walls were like paper in that hotel, i could only imagine how mad all the other patrons were with our raucous. mark got sick from the ribs he ate, and we went to bed.

i heard burger fighting with the manager and getting kicked out around 230am though! i guess they just went to other rooms though. crazy. good times πŸ™‚

on the ride home, mark and i took our grande old time, stopping at 2 record stores. he bought me some books for my birthday and i bought some blindbox toys ❀ all in all it was a really great weekend of bonding with my boyfriend and proving myself on the track! probably my best experience of the year! no not probably… definitely!