well last night was it, the final rehearsal before opening night…. wow, you can tell i was a drama kid.
ali came to visit last night, when i pulled up with rachel she was outside skateaway in her wheel chair hanging with my fellow radicals! its so good to see her, all my plans to visit her this past week had been thwarted. i made up a get well basket and card for her and dropped it off the other day though when she wasnt home. 🙂 im the radical easter bunny, haha.
ali’s got a splint right now with ace bandage wrapped up to above her knee, so she cant bend her leg yet! she will be able to when they give her the boot soon. she seems in really good spirits. shes got cabin fever already. i feel bad i didnt get over to visit this week!
anyway, back to practice. we did a regular weave instead of hitting weave, its been awhile. i noticed i was able to weave through much faster than in the past. remember when the line started going really fast and i could hardly keep up to weave?
then we did swedish and i slid and fell on the one corner, went right in between the walls! the line got sorta messed up so i did 3 swedishes. then we did 2-4 pyramids on the small track, some regular and some opposite direction. man its so hard to do it in the opposite direction! did not enjoy.
then we scrimmaged. liberty gave us line ups to do. i was pivot for one, yuck. i hope i dont have to be pivot in the bout!! i just suck at it because the pivots supposed to stay at the front and i always fall back and cant get back up front :/ i feel confident being b1 and b2 now, but when i do b3 i always either call out where the jammer is and forget to block, or i block and forget to call anything out! its too much for me to concentrate on. i hope i can pull it together tomoro. i cant believe its tomoro!!
liberty hurt her knee last night and had to sit for the rest of the night. and steph went down when she was jamming, i guess her elbow pad slipped and she hurt her elbow. that sucks, but i’m totes glad it wasnt her leg or something that would keep her from skating tomoro! we need her to jam! we voted ellie as team captain at the end of the night.
ive been so stressed lately, over work, lack of money, the bout coming together, ali’s injury, driving to the bout, where to leave cujo… ive taken up old habits like stress eating and biting the insides of my mouth. must take mouth guard on ride to watertown tomoro!
i hope that watertown is really as new and inexperienced as they say they are. i hope they dont know strategy at all, and i can just sit on thier jammer all night x) !! i dont care if we win or lose, i’m just excited for the experience. but it would be pretty cool if it made me feel like i was a really good derby girl!