well last night was our second to last practice before the big bout… liberty posted on the radicals page last week to really give 110% this week, along with more motivational words. during warm ups when we did the hitting weave, zipper was behind me. she had mentioned at practice a little while ago (she hasnt been around in a few) to give 100% you hafto stay down in derby stance the whole time, and if we’re supposed to be sprinting, really sprint the whole time. so as my legs started to scream and i wanted to stand upright and stretch my back out, i reminded myself of this, and just forced myself to stay down. for that i was proud of myself. i def got a leg cramp!

during swedish i think i did pretty good too. it doesnt hurt that with so many girls in the line, swedish is shorter. but mallory told me last week that she loves to watch me skate cuz ive got crazy legs! she said they look like theyre free moving appendages from my body 🙂 hehe crazy shark legs ive got! i love when people tell me things that make me feel good about myself lol.

then we did pyramids upto 4 on the small track. i cant stress enough how much shorter of a time they take on small track vs big track (duh) but also how much i despise doing them with lots of girls, cuz i get stuck behind them and stuff :/ i kept going outside the track lines as well, cuz i just do that, and trying to avoid other girls.

after that we scrimmaged with courtney giving us line ups and only 30 secs between jams like the real thing. except ricky wasnt calling penalties so it still didnt feel like real, and he didnt call out where the pack was. i was in a non-communicating funk for a lot of it which sucked. ellie like tripped me and fell on me at one point. i couldnt catch up with the skaters in the front to break up their damn walls to help my jammer! aghh, thats so frustrating! i feel so bad for steph. she wears herself out working so hard to jam and i feel like we dont help her get through at all. shannon was doing pretty awesome at jamming! towards the end we were making walls better, but breaking them up is the hardest. mark thinks the team should skate out to break down the walls by youth of today x) i wish. i think our theme song is “brand new key” by the dollyrots. i like the song but i wish we had something with more energy. plus i’m on a hardcore kick lately.

i was also pretty bummed last nite that i was listening for my name on jam after jam but i wasnt included in a lot of the line ups courtney was saying. i thought i’d be put in more in this bout than say the newer girls. i hope i dont let it get to me saturday if i’m on the bench a lot. when i’m on the sidelines, i watch the jam and i know what i need to do, when we talk about what just happened, i know what i need to do, but when i get out there, i dunno. i just freeze up? i wish i could just let loose. i need to take ellie’s advice and just go in there and think okay what can i do to help my team, and stop thinking of myself as an individual!