i was too shaken up to blog about this right away, and then i got busy. tuesday i was soo excited for practice, and nervous. it was the night sharla mcbride from the news was coming to skate with us and film for a segment, and the wftda test. all day felt like it went so sloow waiting for practice to get here. finally ali picked me up. i was about 90% sure i would pass the test. ali, on the other hand thought she wasnt going to pass. she was stressed, didnt get sleep or dinner, and didnt want to be on the news. shes camera shy.
she had a gross hotdog from turkey hill to eat real quick in the car but it made her feel sick so she threw it up. she felt better after that though! practice started off so slow, waiting for everyone to get there and to get our tests. i felt really confident taking the test, and only was unsure about 2 answers. i’ll tell ya though, i studied a lot of stuff that i thought i’d need to know for the test that was nowhere to be found! oh well.
tuesday was my first night skating on my new skates on the floor i’m used to. it felt pretty normal to what i was used to! they must have felt so dif sunday because i was on a different floor at rollaway. my only problem was i kept falling! it was embarassing cuz the news was there, and no one else was falling. at one point when the cameraman was filming at floor level, i did a bunny hop and imagined how cool it’d look if they used that footage cuz i was wearing my fishnets so you could see my shark legs thru! šŸ™‚ pussy cat called me a show off ;P
sharla mcbride was pretty good for not skating since she was a kid! she had her cute derby outfit all picked out i guess. small black shorts, pink and black argyle thigh high socks, a black shirt with a bulldog on it (her derby name for the night was blondie bulldog), and her helmet was even cute – black with pink stars on each side like a jammer cap.
the rostered skaters had to gather at the end of the rink to pose for a picture for tara to send to watertown for thier bout program probably. i was psyched for individual pics but it was alright. then sharla mcbride said some stuff while the camera panned across our backs to get our derby names in! i think it airs this thursday actually. i have to make sure my parents watch this time!!
now for the bad stuff… well we were scrimmaging. we let sharla try out jamming and blocking. we werent allowed to make any contact with her of course. but then we were just regular scrimmaging. ali was jamming, and doing really good! she had just passed me and i didnt see it, but tara hit her and ali went down on her knees hard and yelled out. i slowed down and asked her if she was okay, and she said no! we all took a knee or gathered around, she was hunched over on the floor but we got her to straighten out face up. she said it hurt a lot and she wasnt okay. i was so scared, i didnt know how serious it was and i didnt know what to do to help. liberty was holding her and telling her to breathe, while ellie and tara asked her questions. could she wiggle her toes? where did it hurt? her ankle she said. mal got her a water but thought better of it cuz ur not supposed to give someone water when therye hurt?
ali said she just wanted to go to the hospital. i think everyone was kind of surprised, tara said it was probably just sprained. ali was so cute, she was looking all around at us saying is it broke? please dont say its broke? we all assured her that it wasnt. i called stu to let him know she was going to the hospital, while kat called an ambulance.
we tried to get her gear off before they got there cuz they would cut anything off they needed to get through. they lifted her up onto the stretcher and as they wheeled her out i felt so empty inside! my poor wifey!
after that, practice just continued. like nothing happened, once ali was gone! i coudlnt concentrate of course. i was hoping my cell phone was in my coat and not in ali’s car so i could call mark for a ride home. i was wondering how bad ali’s ankle would be, and how soon she could come back to derby.
the rest of the night was a blur. i had to wait outside for mark for a while. i felt so bad about ali, and scared because that could have easily been me! i dont want to get hurt. and my poor wife, getting married in 6 weeks, she didnt need an injury!!
ali texted me around midnight telling me her leg was broken. i couldnt believe it! no one thought she’d broken anything. ali called and said that it hurt a lot when they did the xray cuz they had to twist it all around. i kept thinking about 127 hours which i had watched earlier that day, when the guy has to break his own arm. i couldnt get it out of my head! but ali was calling to make sure i got a ride home and i got my bag out of her car. courtney had gone to the hospital and come back with ali’s bag which had her keys so i was able to get my purse out of her car. poor sweet ali- checking on me when she had a broken bone! she didnt think the hospital would hold her for long.
i found out the next day that they were going to put a rod in her leg. i went to see her, and jen was there. ali was kind of out of it on pain meds, and anxious to get the surgery done with. she said she was done playing derby. she would be too scared to go back again, she never wanted to go through that pain again. she said she still wanted to be involved, maybe ref but not skate. šŸ˜¦ ! all her time, money and hard work! maybe she’ll change her mind.
but its going to be a long road to recovery. she wont be able to put any weight on her leg for 3 weeks, no driving. she wont be able to use it to walk on for 6 months, so she’ll be out of work. she lives on the 3rd floor apartment! and her entrance for the wedding was coming down stairs! this is the one thing she hoped against hope woudnt happen before the wedding. thats murphys law for ya. she’ll be in a wheelchair for her honey moon.
she was in a lot of pain after her surgery. they drilled a hole in her bone to put a rod inside! yuck. she had two breaks in her leg, and they also found out she’d broken her ankle when they did surgery. and they werent clean across breaks, they were like vertical. thats so crazy. she was so brave and tough when it happened! shes a trooper.
she got released from the hospital friday and went back to her moms for a while. i thought she’d be there for a week or 2 to get used to getting around with the splint and then come back to her place with stu on the 3rd floor, but shes back today! hurray šŸ™‚ she keeps saying dont forget about her. i definitely missed riding with her on thursday night to practice. rachel was sick plus i had work overnight so i didnt carpool at all. i was all by my lonesome. everyone was asking about ali though, and she got tons of facebook love!
that sucks if ali doesnt skate again. she would have been bouted for the first time if her shower wasnt on the same date … and now she may never be in one?