friday night was a meet and greet at a small roller rink in mayfield. we were going to be doing a demo! i really wanted to go but didnt want to go alone. luckily courtney and her bf took me with them and her little sister. courtneys so nice! her bf mike picked me up at cyc where i left my car, and they dropped me off there in time for work overnight.
the event was kind of a bust. it was just little kids! i felt so silly doing a demo for them lol. liberty was on the mic to explain derby and she actually had to hush them cuz they wouldnt listen to her. i totally cringed! only enough of us showed up to do the demo with one blocker short i think. i didnt know if we were really going to be blocking or just letting the jammers through to show how it worked. we were really blocking! the walls had mirrors on them, and tara pushed shannon into one and she took tara down with her lol. it was a fun time i guess. at least we maybe made some new little fans?