so, it came to my attention that my right boot was coming apart about a month or two ago. its gotten a lot worse since then, the boot itself is tearing off of the bottom of the boot! and i recently noticed the left skate was doing the same thing. i showed it to my parents thinking maybe theyd offer to buy me new skates but they just said i should take it to a shoe repairman. i showed tara to get her opinion, and she said thats not good, i could break my ankle! i knew i needed to get new skates soon but wanted to wait until i got my tax return in the mail. but i definitely dont want to break my ankle!

we were expecting snow thursday night into friday, so thinking we might not have practice thurs night, i went to open skate on wednesday. but not before meeting up with mark at lowes so he could buy me some gorilla glue tape! lots of girls on the team duct tape thier skates. in fact liberty has duct tape wrapped around her actual skate as if to keep the boot held onto the plate. so i figured if i taped my boot, it wouldnt tear off or break my ankle at open skate at least. did make me feel better about it, not sure if it actually helped, mark said i didnt put enough on.

either way, i felt so much more confident skating around kids than i used to. i used to be so nervous when i’d come up on a group of kids and have to go through some of them. like they were a staggered wall in front of  me holding everyone behind them up, and i had to find where to get through. it was nerve wracking! but now, im confident that i can weave around them :o) feels good.

anywho, i had wanted to go to 5 stride skate shop in ny last saturday with mark, but they were closed cuz it was a game day. this weekend seemed ripe for the pickin though, as i’d wanted to go see the JDB season opener intra league bout saturday night, and thats not too far from the city! i talked mark into it. i def didnt want to order new skates online because im not sure what size i am. i mean, i thought my boxers i got from tia fit, but i wanted to actually get fitted. the website said if you’re coming from out of town, leave plenty of time to get there as fittings take about an hour.

the drive there was rough. i haaate long car rides. finally we made our way into the city though, and found the shop pretty easily. (not me, mark – i could have never found my way to the highway!) it was real small but awesome, they carried moxxie skates, the line that estro jen from my rdw dvd designs! i love the tall hot pink zebra and cheetah print ones. i was just in awe and really excited when we walked into the store 🙂

the woman who runs it, from gotham rollergirls, bonnie thunders asked me if i wanted to try anything on. she measured my foot, and i tried on the riedell126 and 125 boot. the 125 i liked but it was too small and they didnt have a bigger size. she got out a 126 in a 6 that didnt have wheels on and quickly put some on so i could try the skate on. well i stood up, and unsure of what i was supposed to do to “try out” a skate boot, and being that there wasnt much room to actually skate around in, i just did a quick 360 turn. and when i do one of those, i land up on my toe stops  – well this skate didnt have toe stops in yet, so i lost my balance and fell smack down, hard on my knees!

i was soo embarrassed! i just fell in front of bonnie thunders. she was like oh are you alright?? and i was like yeah, got up and sat down on the fitting stool real quick and said i didnt realize there were no toe stops on the skates. mark agrees that bonnie seemed a little embarrassed that she didnt realize there were no toe stops on the skates, and she def felt bad. for the next 5 minutes i think my face burned red and i got really quiet and just wanted to pick some skates and get the hell out of there!

the size 6 126’s felt too tight at my toes, but the next size up felt comfortable. and bonnie thunders said if a boot feels comfortable right off the shelf – it will end up being too big! because the leather stretches out when u break it in. so we tried the 126’s in the 6 laced up one, and that was much better. the next order of business was figuring out what to do about the plate. the skate i was trying on came with a nylon plate, which is what i had on my boxers. i wanted to upgrade to an aluminum plate. the triton plate though was really really heavy! and the revenge plate which was the lightweight aluminum was $199! i had told her my budget was $400 tops. with the revenge plate, i would have gone over it without even adding the 7% tax.

so after asking her for the pros and cons of an aluminum plate i decided to just stick with nylon for now. in the future i could get the skates mounted on the revenge plates if i want. bonnie was really nice, and helpful. i was glad she wasnt a saleswoman who tried to like talk me into buying the more expensive option! other than the no toe stop spill incident it was a nice experience.

i ended up getting the package deal of the riedell 126 boot with a mini gripper toe stop, a purple leather toe cap, neon green laces, radar shadow wheels and abec 9 bearings. oh and a skate tool and bearing lube. 🙂 it came to about $350. there was a black and pink leather sling style skate bag that i fell in love with but i didnt want to spend the money. but guess who has the best boyfriend ever who bought it for her!! me! ❤ mark is the best. he was really patient. we were probably in the skate shop for close to 2 hrs. he ran out to the car parked a block away to grab my old skates to show bonnie how the boots were ripping apart too.

the radar shadow wheels are radar’s version of the atom poison hybrid prettymuch she told me. they are an 80 though and my poisons are an 84. theyre blue. theyre pretty but i dont much care for the blue. i just love my poisons and love that they match my team colors too!