so on my way back to my parents on sunday to pick up cujo, i decided to stop at rollaway in dallas to start breaking in my new skates. they were open 1 to 4 for only $4! not bad. it was mostly all kids, and there were like 3 bday parties going on. that place doesnt have a water fountain though, wtf?
back to the skates though. i took along my poisons in case i didnt like the shadows. i had a feeling i’d be more comfortable trying the skates out with the wheels i already am accustomed to. mark was like, no, see if u like the new wheels. but i thought better safe than sorry! i was really nervous about trying the skates out in general – i didnt want to fall on my bare knees that were already bruised!
well rolling out onto the floor, i felt like it was my first time on skates! i felt like my alignment was off, like the skates were pulling me this way or that, and not in the same direction as the other one. mark said this might mean the trucks are too tight?
but other than that, the wheels felt funny, and my toes were crammed together, and my ankle felt too free cuz the new boots dont come up as high as my old ones. it wasnt pleasant. i went around the rink like 4 times and decided to switch out wheels.
i definitely felt a difference with my own wheels, and a little more comfortable already. still though, it was easier to sticky skate than normal skate because whenever i lifted one foot up, it felt like the opposite skate would pull me this way or that. that kind of went away as i kept skating though. i started out slow and really cautious, but after a while i could pick up speed and by the end of my session i felt pretty confident in them! i was weaving around little kids like a pro 🙂 !
i skated for about an hour and a half, and my feet hurt afterwards, but i felt much more confident in the end than when i started, so that was good!