liberty announced the roster for april 16th bout tonight at the end of practice and guess who’s on it?! yours truly! i dont think ive ever been so proud of myself for anything in my life. this is what i’ve been working towards for 9 months! i was so psyched to hear my name! when she said she was announcing it, i slumped down on my mushroom thinking aw bummer, if they made it up before the wftda test i guess im not eligible. but as long as i pass tuesday, i’m in like sin!! yesssss!!!
now lets rewind a bit. tuesday’s practice was a really awesome practice πŸ™‚ we didnt do pyramids which is what my wish for the night was.
liberty gave us a pop quiz on hitting. this new guy will held the pads and we had to do a hip check, shoulder check and full body check on each side. that was fun. i think will got a little more than he bargained for, haha slick was really laying into him. i def felt a lot more confident with my hits, and betty complimented me on my form. i wanted to be like “it took me a long ass time to get here girlfriend!”
then we did 2 relay races with backwards skating, and i really suprised myself. i feel like i suddenly can go kinda fast while skating backwards! remember when i hated relay races? i loathed them! i’m so glad i’m past that.
tonight ali had wedding stuff to do so it was just me carpooling with rachel. shes pretty awesome πŸ™‚ it felt like hardly any girls warming up on the rink! i was like jeez where is everyone. the board was over sitting at a table having a meeting i guess for a long time, so cheetah sorta ran practice. we did the weave where we hold hands, and let me tell ya. it feels so much easier than it used to. i used to be terrified to duck under, but tonight i couldnt believe how seamlessly i darted in and out! kudos to me πŸ™‚ will has a spike on his helmet which i thought was like metal, but its just foam. i was kind of nervous it would cut my arm when he went under lol.
then we did pyramids, yuck. this time we went to 5! i tried to conserve my energy and not blow my wad in the beginning this time. that kind of makes me feel like i’m not giving it my all though. i hate the feeling i get in my throat when im heaving air in with an open mouth. it kind of makes me feel like vomiting, do not like. it was hard and i did some of it pretty slow but i got through it. mal said alltogether we did 23 laps! jeesh. smash was my partner and she kept telling me through out the night how proud she was of me πŸ™‚ she complimented my speed and my hitting.
then the board meeting was over and they came out to skate and we scrimmaged. it was prettymuch vets vs newbies, and it seemed like they had something up thier sleeve. i hit smashy out pretty good when she was jamming one time and she said good job. trying to break up a wall to help my jammer is still proving to be a challenge. the vets told us we were doing a really good job though so thats cool!
i finally got up the courage to ask to try and jam. mistake! i didnt even make it through the pack. i was jamming against liberty and she blocked me out of bounds right off the bat and my brain kinda just registered- oh crap i wont be able to get lead jammer. like its applying the rules i read to real life scenarios now. cool. but yeah i couldnt get through the pack at all, masumi kept leaning me out and shit. i was confused who was on my team. and then i got really tired so i kind of gave up. i coudlnt wait for it to be over. oh well, i thought, im not a jammer! smash said she thinks if i work at it i could be really good though cuz im solid?
oh and rachel said she loves watching me hit the pads cuz i get down so low. she said i’m her inspiration! how awesome is that! if she only knew how down on myself i was just months ago, i almost quit. what made me come so far? is it the lifting of the seasonal depression? or just getting into better shape with the roller derby workout challenge? either way im so glad it finally happened. =)
ive been eating junk again but from now until the bout, im back on the derby diet. i want my endurance up and i wanna be in the best shape possible for it!
today i finally got through the wftda book, now i just have to study study study my notes! i cant believe the test is tuesday allready.