note to self: line up in the back of the weave line next time. every time we do a hitting weave, i tell myself i’m gonna really try and hit hard. but then by the time its my turn, my back is screaming and im exhausted from staying in derby stance and trying not to fall over from everyone elses hits! and trying to weave, much less weave and hit, is really hard when youre exhausted and in pain! i end up looking pretty pathetic i’m sure lol. mj jabbed her bony shoulder into my other arm this time so the mj bruise is hidden beneath my rose tattoo! i can tell its there though haha…
i found out that one of the newer girls, rachel, lives in kingston. she was pretty fun at the parade 🙂 she came and watched a lotta practices before joining, i thought she was jens helper or sister or something. but yeah me and ali picked her up to carpool thurs night. one more person, less gas money! woo 🙂 also, saving the planet.
i was so pumped for practice thurs since it was gonna be readying us for this april 16 bout… but pyramids kind of discouraged me. not so much discouraged, but brought me down to earth. i HATE pyramids. dear pyramids, i hate you. sincerely, shark legs. for real. and we only do a measly 2 to 4! i dunno, maybe i need to pace myself and not go all out in the beginning and “blow my wad” as liberty says. conserve energy for later. who knows.
anyway, so we were doing a drill for 2 man walls, and miss defy went first through the double line trying to break through. she couldnt get through the last one though and everyone was laughing about it… and liberty just said all of a sudden alright everybody get ur black and white shirts we’re gonna scrimmage. it was an abrupt end since the drill had just started. it was kind of awkward and tense, i could tell she was mad we were laughing.

then we scrimmaged for just like 2 jams, and i had wanted to try and step up my game and do well since the bout is really close. but i did the same as usual, losing my mind when i get there :/ mal was jamming though and i did manage to do the hello kitty move we had been practicing (along w dolly rocket which i can not do with the left side! ugh), but mal came back in in front of me and got sent to the penalty box. we were doing it w ellie as a ref and kind of official. then we started setting up for the next jam and liberty said pick up the track. that was weird because there was still 5 mins left of practice. it just felt really tense as we got in circle to cool down stretch. burger announced that we should all have our waters and black and white shirts on the wall ready to use so people arent skating over to their bags and wasting time during practice. ellie added the rule of no talking/laughing while libertys talking for people who’d missed the meeting. they said, directed towards the ducklings, “if you’re not ready for this april 16th bout, youve got no one to blame but yourself. yeah derby is supposed to be fun, but its no fun getting your ass kicked.”

that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. it made it sound like all they care about is winning. i mean ive been working hard to get bout ready, and i guess taking all the blame if i’m not is just not my cup of tea. leading up to our last bout, i felt like the newer girls kind of got pushed aside to get the vets prepared for our first bout of the season. and that was fine, i understand they wanna look good out there. but i dunno, i feel like the ducklings should have been informed much earlier that thier potential first bout would be so soon. i guess ive decided that if practice just turns into this tense experience thats no fun with lots of scolding constantly every week, and if it seems like the team really only cares about winning, then i’ll leave it. i mean i pay to be there, we’re not REAL athletes in the sense that winning is our job – we’re not getting paid.