we had our post bout meeting on tuesday. i was afraid i was gonna make ali and me late eating a late dinner, but we showed up on time to courtneys house in wb, but everyone had to wait around for like 15 mins for other people to show up anyway. courtney had a cute little skinny doggy named cierra! i had ali quiz me with the questions i made up for studying the wftda rules, since mark wouldnt test me. hes been a jerk about it, saying its too early to be testing myself on it. and hes totally sick of hearing me talk about derby, i can tell. oh well. gets him back for all that computer and car talk i had to pretend to care about in the past with him!

ali gave me a picture from the scrimmage with skyland at lehigh šŸ™‚ stu took pictures of us in action cuz ali wanted a cool one for her fb. well he got one of me sitting on the jammer! making contact! yes, proof! i made contact. i proudly displayed it on my fridge.

at the meeting, liberty explained to us that we were going to be switching gears with practice somewhat. to get the ducklings ready for the april 16th bout. i wonder which ducklings will get rostered? theyve made a lot of progress, but i feel like they just started. i guess some of them have been there since christmas. feels like just yesterday! i think i’m almost definitely going to be rostered as long as i pass the wftda test šŸ™‚ eee! mallory and sarah seem to think so too.

at the end of the night, we had to talk w the chair of our committees, and tara is chair for mine and ali’s. so ali asks her “when do i get to play??” cuz ali is just itching to hit some bitches lol. and tara said april 16th, but alas, ali’s bridal shower is that day so it sucks she cant go to the bout. ali asked her will it be this year or next, and tara said this year, she just has to work on always hitting like when she does it real hard. i was jumping up and down on the inside! if ali is going to get rostered this season that means i have to too, right? weee!

we also talked more about the roller king, a rink here in kingston thats up for lease/rent/sale. ellie said to lease it would be the same as we’re paying skateaway for rent. thatd be so kick ass, i wouldnt have to drive so far to practice! i pass rollerking every day on the way to work and think… some day, that will be mine! haha.

mj and cheetah had ideas for us to run in 2 dif 3k charity races, which would be good exposure. some girls just want to skate not run, but i think i’d try and run it! when i was really into running in the past that was one of my goals but i never did it. at the gym the other day, i ran for over 2 miles without stopping. i couldnt believe it. when i used to go to the gym and run every day it took me weeks to work up to that! go me šŸ™‚

also, we have a meet and greet and derby demo next friday at a rink above eleanor rigbys. the bouncing souls show will be going on, i wonder if we’ll be able to hear it hehe? that should be fun.

other than that, they just said some of the same things like how we have to really utilize our time at practices since we dont get much time for our money. it was a long meeting. i think we’re supposed to start having monthly meetings that’ll be much shorter.