lets see, last tuesday we did a lot of hitting stuff. we all put on all our gear but kept the sneakers on and gathered on the rink. ali and i had been pretty early cuz i didnt want to do 50 pushups at the end of practice, our new punishment for being ready on the track after 9:05pm! but it was freezing this particular night and we had to stand around all cold waiting for instruction! anyway, we all practiced hip checking along the wall and took turns doing it for liberty and burger holding the pads. and then the same with shoulder checks. at first i was doing it too hard against the concrete wall and got a little bruised. finally we got to put our skates on to implement everything we’d just learned.

i was really glad we got to focus on hitting because its still a weak spot of mine. we formed 2 lines and skated along cones shaped in a v to meet at the end and learn how to take a hit, or give one if you were the lucky person. i think my timing on shoulder checks got much better, but the hip check is still really hard to time for me! we did a hitting weave and i was so pumped to go through with some hard hits, but by the time it was my turn, my back was aching and i was tired from keeping up and bracing myself for the hits so i wouldnt go flying into the step again – and my hits were just weak little bumps 😦 note to self – try to go first next time. when mj came through, she hit so hard and her shoulders so bony! i cried out, jesus christ, put some meat on those bones! i later apologized cuz i realized she is trying to put on weight and it could be a sensitive subject, but she said no worries. yeah i still have an mj shoulder sized bruise on my right arm under my swallow tattoo!

then i was partnered with havina for another drill and she gives totally solid hits, she shoulder checked me SO hard i was afraid she messed up my bad shoulder, it felt weird for a few minutes! our next turn i asked her to take it easy on that shoulder. oh and we also got a new girl named rachel on tuesday.

thursday we were back to a normal practice. we did some sorta double line thing to practice keeping contact with your partner until the jammer comes up between you. i didnt really get it. i had been wondering when we were ever doing pyramids again, and lo and behold it was that night! i thought with my endurance up a little i’d notice a huge difference in my pyramids but i still felt pretty slow. i dont like when theres so many girls doing them at the same time because i keep having to slow down if i cant get around someone in front of me :/

then we did the pace line. it was soo long with all our new girls in it! all the ducklings went in front of ali and me, and beck n hater because she had to go soon. i dont like pace line! liberty had said if we wanted to really push ourselves to get to the back of the line after our turn, especially if we were up front. i went into the middle to cool down and then caught up and did like another lap or two with steph. i wish i could have done more.

oh and zipper instructed us to do a floor touching hitting weave during warm ups thurs. i knew this was going to be exhausting! you could tell it was for prettymuch everyone. when it was my turn, i could barely touch on my way up, much less hit. i hope we never do that again!

something that really made me happy was a comment from liberty. we were texting cuz she had asked if i could burn her the rdw dvd. she said i’ve improved leaps and bounds out of nowhere in the past month or so! and that i had sort of plateaued, but now i’m like the new and improved shark legs 🙂 ! that def made me feel good, cuz shes our main coach, its nice to know she noticed.

friday night was our meet and greet at twist. i was excited, i love dancing the night away at twist and was glad i’d get in for free. i invited diane (and a bunch of other ppl via facebook, but she was the only one non derby who came!). the radicals who went met up at 9:30, and it was the first time i got to see twist empty of people and the door ladies. everyone went into the bar to wait for instruction on where to set up, but it was too smokey in there so i just sulked around in the hallway waiting to see if my mom would call me back. finally we figured out that we were to set up our table outside the club door, but thats about it. we were just standing around for a long time holding the flyers jen gave us to hand out. i gotta admit, handing out flyers isnt my forte. big city and sarah had little speeches they gave with them, but i just felt really awkward. jen let me off the hook to go dance but i waited for diane.

once the dancing started of course i had a great time 🙂 it was me, diane, kris, courtney, sarah, and havina. then ellie, burger, kat and jen came in to watch diva’s show and then we were called up onto the stage! ellie preached about our first home bout against jersey, and we all said our derby names. twas fun!