i was really excited and nervous for the scrimmage on sunday. when we first were told about it and had to see if we had enough girls interested to save the date, i was in a bad place and didnt want to go at all. i think it was right after i made the decision to stick to wb for sucking at derby, no more road trips.
but since my endurance has gone up and i feel more confident, i got kind of anxious to see if my performance improved at a scrimmage. i rode with ali and her fiance stu or as i call them “mr and mrs trouble” πŸ˜› …they didnt want gas money or anything so that was awesome. as i’ve said before, im utterly broke from the diet. we met up w everyone, which turned out to be less girls than i thought were going, at skateaway by 2. the scrimmage was supposed to start at 3:30, and we took a short cut and made great time! i didnt even mind the drive this time.
we got there, geared up and started warming up around a few kiddos skating on thier newly refinished rink. it was soo sticky! not slippery like our rink. took a few laps to get used to. after a little bit, and only seeing diva i began to wonder where the other teams were? tara informed us that diva told her theyd be there for 430, when the scrimmage started. wtf!? she must have told her the wrong time in her email. we were a little miffed, but kept skating for a bit til getting just bored and tired and took up shop in a party room, everyone snacking on nachos aka cheese delivering mechanisms, caramel corn and me a string cheese…
sooner than i’d expected, some skaters started showing up, and before i knew it we were doing warm ups at diva’s discretion. it was a longgg weave line, and diva blew the whistle for each next girl to go after the one in front of her had only gone about one person down the line. needless to say, it took forever and also got bunched up and messy at times. i was at the end and i thought since the line was going to slow it’d be a cakewalk but it was actually really hard! my new found confidence thats come during my own teams warm ups was quickly dashed, and i was covered in sweat by the time i finally finished. diva went after me but of course darted in front of me cuz shes so quick. :/
we did stretches, signed a waiver and also practiced a few one knee falls to warm up. that was weird because at skateaway, you slide when you go down on one knee, or two or whatever… but since thier floor had just been redone, it just gripped you to a screeching halt! haha, abrupt for sure. oh and i was also practicing bunny hopping from side to side, and i think thats easier when the floor is so sticky. it sure is fun! it must just be easier for me now because ive lost a few, and the muscles in my legs are stronger? a short time ago i wasnt very good at hopping!

as the scrimmage was starting, i got called for b1 in the first jam – i was surprised, excited and pumped! i felt like a million bucks skating out there for the first jam of the night!
then the whistle blew. and i remembered that i have no idea what i’m doing on the track. it was just a blur of confusion and then it was over. i was disappointed in myself for just being another body on the track but couldn’t wait to get another chance to try again.
as each jam passed, and i didnt get put in, i felt more and more invisible. i must really be bad if i’m not getting put in nearly as much as i have been in the past i thought. i’m in better shape and my endurance and speed are up, but that dont do jack shit for helping me understand the game of roller derby. at one point, i saw lickety, newly named havina blast, hit another skater out of bounds and she went out as well, and i thought to myself shouldnt lickety get a penalty for that? i asked someone, i think mallory, but it just means she had to come back in bounds behind the other skater. i was kicking myself for fucking up a rule in my head… i thought i understood the rules at least a little better than i used to, and i was sure that was a penalty!
mallory had told me earlier that the watertown ny bout in april is for our newer girls cuz thier team is all fresh meat. it got me really excited, there’d be another wftda test by then and i actually have a good chance to be rostered! i texted mark to tell him and make sure hed come see me in action…
sitting there on the sidelines, getting passed over time after time made me realize i dont have a chance in hell to be rostered, plus i’m not going to pass the wftda test anyway. i thought about quitting derby for the first time since the surge in my confidence 😦
but before the first period was over, i did get put in again, and i am happy to say i was really proud of how i did that jam! i sat on lehigh’s jammer, and even made contact. she did get by me, but at least i made a contribution for once! i could hardly keep the smile off my face when the jam was called. jen told me that was awesome, or something along those lines πŸ™‚
but then during the second period i only got put in once, and i did nothing and it was called off really quick. i just wanted it to be over so i could go home and maybe get a workout in since this obviously wouldnt count as a workout since i only got put in 3 times!!
radicals/skyland lost by so much. i think lvrg had like 160 and we had 60ish? it was bad. oh well though. jen posted on the fb page that we should focus on the positive and not the negative, then proceeded to list every girls strength. mine was just that i have more confidence every time. yeah, misguided confidence obviously.
ali got put in a lot, and she really impressed me – she gave a lot of good hits! i wish hitting was easy for me.
anyway, back to practice tonight. tara texted us to say bring sneakers. i was wondering earlier today when we’d do some off skate training again. should be fun.