i was on a roll with having good practices. we’ve been doing a lot of the drill where jen calls out skills for us to do, or just plow stopping on command, and the 20 minute one. the 20 minute one is half counterclockwise and half opposite direction. i used to struggle so much with opposite direction, going around the turns. no matter how many drunken sailors i did i still couldnt get the opposite cross over down. but since we’ve been doing it so often i finally feel like i’m alright at it! yay πŸ™‚ i also have been in a better mindset, where i dont get upset anymore if i fall doing a 180 or something. one night i actually wiped out doing my swedish while taking a corner, but it was okay. i used to feel totally embarassed when that would happen, but lately i just feel… okay. i no longer let shit get to me!

anyway, i say i *was* on a roll because tuesday i didnt have a great night :/ i just felt really clueless and behind during scrimmaging. they picked me to do 4 on 1 with the ducklings, which i took to mean that i was the only slow shitty skater that they could keep up with. i was supposed to be communicating, but i didnt say a darn word the whole time. i just didnt know what to say, and kind of gave up trying to think of what to say. i was disgusted with myself for feeling too shy to communicate.

but tonight i had a good night again! actually, make that great. fellow radicals have been commenting on my weight loss which of course makes me feel good. when we did the forward hopping weave, i tried a bunch of hops as the double footed hop like burger and havina do. ive found its actually kind of easier than a one footed hop! i think everyone was really impressed with my improvement πŸ™‚ then i really pushed during my second swedish and jen said it was awesome! i sure felt awesome. she said after stretches that it made her even more proud to see than when i slowed down the jammer in jersey. πŸ˜€ im proud of myself.

i am so grateful for roller derby workout challenge. i couldnt keep going on in derby being so out of shape, and thats that.

i’m on week 7 of rdwc, and theres no actual meal plan or workout plan this week. gogo wanted us to take what we’ve learned and make it ourself. i basically do that with the meal plan every week anyway since i just pick and choose my favorite meals and repeat them, but i like having the guidelines for the workouts. sun and mon i did the dvd, tues and today i had practice, yesterday i did the same gym day as last week- 40 mins on the cycle plus 50 pushups. tomoro will be my day off cuz i’m working cyc at night, and then saturday i guess i’ll do the mountain climbers/supermans/burpees circuit. id rather go to the gym again but i know i need to push myself and do soemthing i dont really like- its called a challenge for a reason!

lately though since its soo close to being over, im really craving normal people food. i salivate at any sweets i see! i dont even know if i’ll enjoy them still, because i prefer organic dark chocolate to the hersheys dark chocolate, its too sweet for me now. but i have a chocolate heart shaped box filled with non perils from vday that i cant wait to indulge in! i dont want to totally fall off the wagon after the challenge is done though. but boy has this diet made me broke. usually my food stamps last all month but now they only take me through about half of that. why cant healthy food and organic choices be cheaper, not more expensive??