woops, guess i didnt blog at all last week. well i had prettymuch good practices both days last week πŸ™‚ yay! i really needed that, let me tell you. it may have something to do with having the fresh meat in our warm ups so its slower paced, but i havent been feeling as bad about myself. and i think when we were scrimmaging tuesday i actually made contact with burger as she was jamming! usually i try to shoulder check and my timings all off and i sorta shove the air and lose my balance for a sec, not to mention look pretty dumb. it was suprising to feel actual contact!
thursday was my real prize day. i felt pretty good about my swedishes. we do 2 now, in paired lines since weve got so many girls now. we did a bunch of drills and went right into a 20 minute sprinting/skills drill without any water. as soon as i heard 20 minute drill, i thought well thats the end of this good night, i’m toast!
but i was wrong! so wonderfully wrong! i really made myself proud. my endurance has finally gone up! we’d do one minute of sprinting, then a skill for a minute, etc. i really thought i’d be pooped by the end, but i never got pooped! i felt so amazing πŸ˜€ i thought wow, this rdwc has finally paid off! yay.
the fact that jen messaged me on fb saying how good i look (and how my valentine rocked her socks) was just icing on the cake.
i forget when we did this, but we did a thing where we got into sets of three, and practiced hip checking. i was with ali and mj. the middle person would get continually hit by the outer girls. that was very helpful. i can hit the pads when we do that thing, but hitting a moving target is a whole different animal. i hope we do that some more.
last week i was surpised and happy to see i’d lost 3.5 lbs. the week before, i only lost .2 and was kinda discouraged, although i can see a big difference in which clothes fit. its so weird, i can fit into clothes that i know i was about 10 lbs lighter when i fit into last! that must be because i’m more muscle now.
the roller derby workout challenge is probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me at this point in time. theres no way i could have stuck with/succeeded in derby if i stayed so out of shape, thats for sure. just 2 weeks ago i was contemplating quitting, but said i’d hold out til at least the end of the challenge to see if that helped any… and now i’m in the mindset that i’m not going to quit. i ordered the green jersey that i was gonna skip on. of course my mood changes so quickly and i go back and forth with decisions… but i’m just glad i’m feeling more confident with derby right now.
i got some exciting news last week as well – my name was approved and is now up on twoevils.org! yay πŸ™‚ also, my team is going to be skating in the st patricks day parade in scranton! thats so awesome.
st patricks day is my least favorite holiday of all, being its just for people to get drunk. and ive never been to the scranton parade cuz i heard its soo big and full of drunk assholes. but i dont think i can object to actually being IN the parade! i think it’ll be fun and i cant wait πŸ™‚