thursday, i wasnt sure if we were going to have practice or not because we were expecting snow. i didnt want to wait til it was too late to work out and find out i’d lose my practice as a workout for the day, so i did the RDWC exercise just in case. it was burpees, planks, star jumps and pushups. that sucked! i was dreading it, everyone on the forum kept posting how killer those burpees were. i actually hated the star jumps far more, maybe because i wasnt doing the burpees in correct form? anyway, i was worried my legs would be too weak at practice but i was alright.

courtney stood guard and watched to see if we should leave early cuz of the snow accumulating. we stayed for the whole practice! ali’s stomach was bothering her so she didnt come. i hope we can carpool tuesday. that new girl steph is really nice, she always says hi to me.

liberty led us in a bunch of drills that she doesnt like. we did alternating left and right knee falls popping up quick at each cone. after a while i started getting up slower… and slower… i noticed liberty did too though, so i didnt feel so bad. its so easy for the little girls to get up from those. mj pops down and up before u can even blink an eye! then we did toe stop walking, sideways grapevines, and backwards, both of which i’d never even done before. they werent too hard. just hurts your toes after a while. we also did a drill where jen calls out what to do as we’re skating around, and if its a baseball slide, you immediately turn over and hold a plank for 30 seconds. well last time we did that, burger called me out for not being off the floor. i was too exhausted to hold myself up that night. but thursday i held each plank the whole time! yay.

it was a good practice, and ellie was back. apparently she crashed her car in the snow! eek. i’m glad shes alright. i’d say ellie is partially the heart and soul of the radicals 😛