i forgot to mention that at last practice, i took a major spill and FINALLY got a real nice bruise on my ass. haha, i used to always look for bruises on my butt or hip from falling on the floor real hard. they never showed up because of all the meat ive got there covering those bones i guess.. but thursday, while we were doing a hitting weave line, my wish finally came true.

theres a little stoop thats carpeted that you need to step down off of to get onto the rink floor at skateaway, where there are chairs along the wall, right? we keep our scrimmage shirts and water bottles there during practice. well of course we pass it with every lap of our pace line. so we were doing a hitting weave line, which i dont like because i’m trying my darndest to keep up while staying in derby stance and trying to brace myself for a shoulder check at any given moment. smash totally caught me off guard and my skates hit the stoop and i kinda go flying/tumbling into it.

my ass bounced off the edge real hard and i sent bottles toppling, ali’s cap even popped open and her water spilled haha! everyone was like eek, and asked me if i was alright a few times. i was kind of stunned so i just sat there for a few seconds before getting up and catching up with the line. but i’m proud i got right back on the horse!  my ass/hip was def sore the rest of the night and 2 days after. i thought for sure i’d have a killer bruise to show mark. that night it was hardly visible, but keeps getting darker daily 🙂 i also have one on my shin by a shark. so without further aduei, here are my cool bruises!

i’d also like to comment on todays exercise for the RDWC. it was do 10 real pushups, 30 second plank, and repeat that 10 times. there was a link to a video showing correct form for real pushups. i only do girly ones. but as it said its time to do the real thing i gave it a go. omg real pushups are sooo hard. i think i got to rep 3 and i couldnt do it anymore. i felt totally discouraged, like a failure. i kept trying to complete the exercise but kept collapsing. kinda had a crying fit for a bit before calming down. i hate that feeling! like i could try as hard as i can but i still fail. fuck.

but alas, tomoro is another day.