lets see, where to begin. well first i’d like to say how awesomely i’m doing on the roller derby workout challenge! i started sunday and have been following the meal plans and excersize plans for this first week. since we’re basically detoxing from refined sugars, ive had some headaches here and there, but other than that i’m alright, except for occasional hunger pangs. the food is pretty good though. i’m just sticking with what i like. the no fat plain greek yogurt – not so much. yuck!
now for last weeks practice. i finally learned how to break up a wall by coming between two skaters and using your shoulder to get through! we practiced in groups of three, and at first i was like i have no idea how to do this, err… but by the end of the night i felt like i could actually do it. thats something that i really needed to learn, and have explained to me. it felt empowering!
other than that, we did pyramids and as usual i was the slowest one and i felt like there was a spotlight on me and an announcer saying HERE’S KRISTLE, THE SLOWEST OF THE BUNCH, SHE SUCKS! hate pyramids.
practice this past tues got cancelled due to the snow storm, and i was really looking forward to it. yesterday ali and i carpooled to practice. theres yet another new girl, named the zipper, from maryland. mal said she was on one of wftda’s top ranking leagues! crazy. we probably looked like a real mess to her. we got yelled at a lot during scrimmaging.
the funny thing about pack 40 is, when i first started doing it i felt confident and was alright with it. other than the searing lower back cramp that came with it. now i dont get that so much, but i feel kinda terrified the whole time! i’m so afraid i’m going to trip another girl or get tripped and then trip everyone behind me. i dunno why i’m digressing in this area.
but yeah, last practice was another one of those nights where i feel a.) not good enough or nearly fast enough, not in shape enough and b.) like i have no idea what i’m supposed to do in a pack situation … and what do these thoughts lead to? the feeling that i’ll never get this sport and should just quit now.
our wftda written test is tuesday and ive already resigned myself to the fact that i’m going to fail. just like i failed the practice test and teh real one last time. so have i been studying? not even. like a dumb ass! i need to at least try before i fail, right?
ali and i went skating wednesday together and were talking about when we think we’ll get on roster. at the end of last season, i thought if i work at it really hard i can maybe make roster for our first bout this season… but now i’m pushing it to our first home bout, in june. i wish the whole thing would just click for me already. i dunno, i guess i’m just too out of shape, and too stupid to understand this thing called derby. but i’m working on the out of shape part! so many girls have posted on rdwc that theyve lost 10 pounds already. i didnt weigh myself to begin with, but i feel like my pants are getting a tiny little bit loose on me. i do want to lose weight, definitely, but i’m doing the challenge to become a better athlete! to get rostered! so hopefully it wont be in vain. and if it is, at least i will probably have lost some weight in the mean time? i think i’d be better at hopping and jumping if i was lighter. i suck at hopping weave, and i watch mj do it like a quick little bunny. theres nothing to her, so she doesnt have much to lift up off the ground when she hops! no fair 😛
also, i went skating last sunday and the sunday before. so i feel good about my level of activity. never again will i let myself fall into the lazy sedentary trap again!