i got my copy of the roller derby workout, put out by the LA heart attacks, in the mail yesterday. i was so excited, i put it on just to watch some but ended up doing most of it. i’m gonna need to make more room in the living room. its fun! those derby girls are in gooood shape though. i hope i can get in shape like that. they look good!
today i happened to look at the page on facebook for roller derby workout challenge, which i had seen before but dismissed. well now i have the dvd and the 8 week challenge starts monday! so i’m gonna do it. they posted meal plans for week one, and excersize plans. i printed them out. i’m excited 🙂 i’ve never commited myself to an actual program before. i have a good feeling about this one though.
i’ve been on a diet since the day after xmas. since i’m starting a “real” diet with guidelines monday, i’m gonna treat myself today. marks getting pizza on the way home from work, and i visited him earlier and snagged some mcnuggets. i hope the lunches will be easy enough to do at work. or i’ll just hafto wait until i get home from work to eat….