sunday i was supposed to go skating with mallory at 6. i hadnt been skating at an open skate session in forever! i got there and to my surprise it wasnt very busy at all. there were so few cars in the parking lot i wondered if they were even open! i love when its not crowded. a few minutes in mallory called and said she lost her debit card and wasnt coming. that was fine though, i didnt feel intimidated by the crowd, and peg one of the new ladies was there with her daughters. we chatted a bit.
i forgot how much fun it is to skate for fun!! i had a blast 🙂 i only stayed for a little over an hour though, after an hour i suddenly got a terrible blister. i had obviously worn the wrong socks.
i soaked my feet in epsom salt, which helped a lot. then tuesday before practice, for some reason i thought itd be a good idea to drain the blisters :/ that probably would have been fine but i picked at the one too. why do i pick!? i’m such a picker.
anyway, my friend kevin came to practice tuesday to check it out. he wants to be a ref. there are so many new girls, even more than i thought and i cant keep track of thier names! ali was back at practice, she was out because of her back but its better 🙂
the weave started up, and i didnt feel so bad – ali couldnt keep up with it either! she didnt even try to weave, the line was so fast. so i went, and i actually got up to the front, only because i got whips off some girls. but i got 2 away from finishing, and then i fell behind and stayed a bit behind trying to catch up. when we stretched, mj said the line was going really fast that night. ali had gone to sit down after the weave and then puked in the bathroom!
next we did pyramids and jen told ali she should do them on the small track with the new girls. i hate pyramids! i was the slowest one of my group of course, and my blister was hurting. i thought to myself, what a terrible feeling, to try your best and still fail… worse than giving up and failing…
we did jammer on the out, suicides and some relay races with all the fresh meat included, and then scrimmaged a little. i was not thrown into drills so quickly when i was fresh meat. i mean it took me a really long time to just learn how to stop! oh and in scrimmaging, i was really bad :/ i was just another body on the track. at this rate, i’m not going to make roster next season 😦
mark said not to focus on the things i cant do, and to think about things i am good at. well, i think i’m very good at cross overs, and plough stops. and i used to not even be able to t stop or plough stop. i cant think of any more right now…
we did a half hour of dryland training and drills at practice, so we had to bring sneakers. we ran around the track for a while running for 30 seconds at a time and then walking… we did jumping squats, and stood derby stance with our backs against the wall for 2 minutes. i couldnt hold it! i fell down twice!
i am looking forward to practice tonight, i want to work really hard on my swedish 🙂