tuesday was a good practice for me. we took the weave real slow cuz new girls were doing it for the first time. i finally think i have thier names down: kris aka big city, peg, stephanie, ginger, nicole, and there was a girl there named jill tuesday who i’m not sure if shes joining us or was just visiting our practice. shes from the black rose rollers in hanover pa, but she said she lives here. her derby name is april may dismember which i thought was pretty clever! black rose is all fresh meat she said, but she was really good, very fast and more agile than me through the weave. and i bet shes been in derby for less time than me! why cant i be one of those people who picks everything up really fast??
anyway, i think i did pretty well on my swedish lap. my new wheels definitely helped with that! they grip so well around the turns.
we did pack 40, which i was really not looking forward to but it wasnt that bad. we did a lot of pack work, and a 2 blocker assist drill. there werent that many girls at practice really.
i know i vowed to start going to open skates again but i didnt yesterday. this weather just makes me want to be lazy! i did start excersizing again this week though since i have off from the school job. i suck at push ups when we do them at practice, so ive been working on those at home and doing my jenny mccarthy your shape wii game. every time i get out of shape, i tell myself i wont ever let it happen again because getting back in shape is so hard! but i always fall back into my lazy, junk food eating ways… but i’m picking myself back up now and have to just keep thinking positively and be patient. its hard, but i will get back in shape!