so i missed last weeks practice because i had just gotten a tattoo where my elbow pad would mess with it. i really wanted to practice this week, and masumi gave me one of her cut off socks to put underneath my pad. she said it would irritate it but should be fine. i trust her since shes married to a tattoo artist! most of the scabs were off already as well.
all i have to say is wow. did i lose a lot by being lazy, not going to wacky wednesday, and missing last weeks practice. i COULD NOT WEAVE! i couldnt keep up! i got like 3 girls up and fell behind and never made my way back through. it was such a struggle to just keep up with the line. my endurance is shot šŸ˜¦ it would have been really embarrassing, but ive just resigned myself to the fact that i’m terribly out of shape.
on a positive note, there were so many new girls there! the stretching circle got so much bigger. zak was in for break, so he was practicing his ref voice during our drills.
also, it was my first practice with my new wheels and bearings. we started at 8:30 since it was our mini festivus party, so i warm up skated for like over a half hour as everyone showed up, so i got to test them out before getting right into it. i feel like i’m used to them already! its so smooth, you cant even compare them to my old wheels. its a whole nother world, i didnt even know how bad my old ones were til now!
since it was our xmas practice, we played a game that zak taught us. i guess he said it was like handball? i couldnt get into it, and just sat out most of it. what can i say, i hate sports! finally it was 10:30 and time for secret santa exchange šŸ™‚
jen loved what i got her, and i got some awesome shark socks from courtney!! they rule. i had a few chips with dip, made myself a plate to go, and went in to work. i wish i could have partook in the festivities a bit more but i was feeling antisocial. jen made a cool skate cake for burgers birthday though!
i guess my new years resolution is to hit the gym, and go to open skates more so i can be in better shape for derby. plus none of my clothes fit, i’m really porking up. but i dont want to feel like my name is a sham anymore. whenever my team mates call out go sharklegs! i feel like a fraud, cuz my legs aint got no shark like qualities. i want to earn my name. i cant believe how far ive digressed. but out with the old, and in with the new!