i went to williamsport with diane and bryon saturday to see the svdv’s first bout. the first thing i noticed when i walked in, besides that i’d forgotten cash AND a toy for a tot to get $4 off admission, was they had live entertainment! a real band, playing. and there were calenders for sale on thier merch table! 2 things my roller derby league doesnt have :/ ali brought up calendars, and last practice, dusty suggested getting glamour shots done. that’d be so cool! svdv were selling the calendars for $15, and a lot of them were going.
there were a lotta people there sitting in the bleachers allready. i saw becky, who used to play for coal city i think. i know her from shows. i dunno who she plays for now. after getting snacks and finding a seat, burger, masumi and smash came in and sat down on the floor, track-side. bryon didnt want to sit on the floor though. then ali sat by them with her brother. i wished i could go sit with them track side! it was dim in there, and the bleachers were kinda far from the track. my eyes arent very good at distance.
the announcer said the guillatinas were the home team. i wonder if that means the pretty little skull crushers practice somewhere else? i think members of both teams were there when we practiced with them…
anyway, the game started without a demo, or the national anthem. they did that at half time. the announcer was very quiet, he didnt always say who was lead jammer or anything like that. i wonder if he’d ever announced before. my friend yogi was operating the score board.
the game seemed really slow going. i could tell some of the girls were definately still shaky on thier skates, especially some jammers. i did notice that thier jammers relied a lot on help from thier team mates, the kind where they’d grab them to get a pull forward.
this particular game didnt hold my attention like the last bout i saw did. i hope that wasnt just a fluke, i hoped i’d beaten the bout A.D.D.!
at half time, guillatinas were in the lead. there were some awesome half time activities! full contact musical chairs for one. then they invited children out to do a tractor trailer race with some of the skaters, and then a guy dressed as santa came out and skated around with a bag of goodies. two girls had reindeer horns on and beat him up and took the bag, then threw out goodies to the crowd. it was so cute! i definitely felt jealous. svdv have only been together for 6 months and they put roller radicals to shame! i want to help make some of these cool things happen at our bouts next year.
in the end, the guillatinas were winning, but in the last jam the pretty little skull crushers pulled ahead and beat them! the score wasnt updated yet though so the announcer said the last score, so i guess everyone thought the wrong team won. oh well!
ali said she hopes the radicals play williamsport, cuz we’d crush them haha… probably true, only because theyre less experienced. they sure make up for that with enthusiasm and frivolity though! there was lots of dancing on the pivot line. i thought that was illegal… hmm.