tuesday at practice, we had quite a few new girls on skates! thats exciting 🙂 i took the kneepads i got from amanda in case any of them needed, but a woman named peg used the smalls i had in the bin in the closet instead. i like thinking about how sore those girls probably are right at this moment. not out of malice or anything, it just reminds me how far i’ve come. i reminisce back to my first month or so, when my legs or back would be like jello by the end of a practice and so sore for the rest of the week. i’m so glad derby only hurts at first!!
skating on my shitty old wheels sucked. i must be getting more out of shape because my swedish took quite a while :/ we did a bunch of drills all night at liberty’s discretion. we did leg burners -which dont really make my legs burn anymore, my back hurts moreso. we also did suicides, my first time. of course i was the last one every time. i’m resigned to being the slowest of the group, but it doesnt mean i like it! we practiced skating backwards. i can’t get it so both my feet move when i skate backwards. my right is the only one, its the guider. oh well, in time.
tangent: at a recent practice we did a relay race where we had to army crawl at one point, and boy do my knee pads get pushed out to the sides when i’m on the floor like that.
anyway, we didnt do any scrimmages tuesday night, just drills. which is a nice change. i hope we work on hits more. we did leaning. oh and we did like a choo choo train of 4 people, first pulling, and then pushing. i did better than i expected on the pulling one! tara wanted to beat the other team so she said to cheat haha…