tuesday burger texted me to take off my wheels cuz she wasnt gonna be skating at practice, and i could try out her wheels.
i was so excited! they’re an 84 hardness she said. i recently just figured out that my own wheels are a 94! i never noticed that part, its mostly worn off. but wow, going from 94s to 84s – plus her much better bearings – what a world of difference! it was like skating on air!
i rolled out onto the track and didnt even make it down the straightaway before i broke out into a huge smile and was mumbling wow…!
burger had said to be careful cuz they’ll be a lot faster with her bearings than i’m used to. it definitely took some getting used to. at first i had trouble stopping with my plough stops, and forget about a t stop. it was really exciting though.
doing the weave i was kind of all over the place because i wasnt used to the ease of getting and keeping speed with these wheels.
then we did 2 – 5 pyramids, and the poisons didnt dissapoint around turns. let me tell ya, i didnt slide out like i usually do at all. i think i read that grippier wheels give your legs more of a workout than hard wheels. i was worn out from pyramids by the first 3. dunno if that had to do with the wheels or just me.
we did a few drills and then scrimmaged a bit. i think everyones head wasnt really in it though, we were pretty sloppy. i thought it was just positional but tara hit me real hard one time. i fell twice and my left elbow pad slid down so i got a little rink rash, not bad though. that happened one time before and it bled but not this time.
all in all, i was totally satisfied and amazed with the poison wheels, and grateful that burger let me try them out before i decided to buy. ali said her friend is buying her new wheels for xmas and she picked the poisons on looks! she was glad that i liked them.
i have to admit, i was kind of hoping/expecting to morph into a super hero with the right wheels and bearings, but that didnt happen. i thought maybe i could be much better at everything if i just had the right equipment. i realized i’m gonna have to get used to the new wheels, and adjust. i ordered them the other day and put them on my credit card, mum said she’ll pay me back as a christmas gift. i also ordered swiss bearings and a skate tool, since i’m always borrowing ali’s. i cant wait to get my poisons and start getting used to them!