sunday 8 of us went to practice with the susquehanna valley derby vixens in williamsport. i rode down with mallory and shannon, who is considering shan-wow as her new derby name since the old one got rejected. i think that is an awesome derby name!
anyway, we left skateaway around 5:45, and got to the ymca in willyport around 7:25. we had planned to stop and eat but without jen around to guide us, things got messed up. we only stopped at mcdonalds and only half of us ate. so we had to sit in the car for a bit, but eventually went into the y, where the team was having a meeting. we geared up to check out the floor. it was tiled, like in morristown! except smaller tiles if i am correct. around the track was this weird rubber carpet type thing that was like a one lane track all the way around. i was so excited to try it out, i wasnt paying attention going around the first curve and didnt see the bleachers stuck real close, so i fell trying to squeeze past them last second. haha i felt dumb. the rink had that half wall and plexiglass combo so that the girls sitting inside having a meeting saw me gliding around and then dissapear and come up a second later.
then i tried out the actual floor. wow. it was totally different, and felt really strange! the tiled felt like they went up where they met eachother. i didnt really like it, and worried i would skate like shit on it all night. but after stretching and saying our names, liberty got us all to line up real quick for a weave, and my anxieties melted away and i felt right at home. there were about 25 girls alltogether, so this weave took for-ev-ar. i thought it’d be the only thing we could do all night, and then practice would be over! i felt pretty good about my weave. then we split up into 2 groups one on the inside track and one on the outside track (which wasnt marked) to do the hand holding/duck weave. i was the leader on the inside group and we finished after the outside group. it took forever, and i didnt do very well at that one.
we basically showed the team some drills, and liberty taught everyone who needed help learning to plough stop. we did 2 and 2’s, a plough stop drill, and grapevine. my partner was called black dahlia. then at quarter to 10, we did just a little scrimmaging. i was actually really proud of myself, i pushed one of thier jammers out of bounds all by myself šŸ™‚ instead of using black and white shirts, thier team uses these weird cape/psych ward colored potato sack things. they were a source of frustration putting on and taking off!
we had an awesome time, and williamsport was grateful that we took the time to come give them pointers. they invited us back anytime, and vice versa.
some of our girls are going this sunday again, but ive got work the following monday this time. we didnt get home til after midnight! i hope svdv come to one of our practices soon. thier first bout is dec 11th, and the radicals will be helping out. i cant wait to see how they do!